Tuesday, September 25, 2012

900 calories burn in an hour ??!

When i saw this entry, my thoughts cam yer ke??boleh percaya ker?...hmm...) But,when i start wearing premium beautiful i cant denial that the fact how pb can burn off 900 calories in One Hour...like seriouly no kidding,i just wearing it in 2 mths+ n i already lost 8 kg.. I repeat, EIGHT KG youalls !

By jogging, you'll only burn off 350 calories per half an hour BUT by wearing Premium Beautiful, you'll burn off 900 calories per hour! Wow! That's a really good thing for us.

So ,How it does that??

Far Infra-Red rays will react towards water molecules inside our body through vibrations. While vibrating, energy will generate thus created heat which will improves blood circulation inside our body. Then the cells will be getting more active and increased the metabolism rate.

Who should wear Premium Beautiful?

1. Those who want to slim down the body, or reshape it, without extra dieting. Premium Beautiful will definitely control the quantity of what you eat.
2. Those who want to conceive. It is true, insyaAllah, Premium Beautiful will balance off the hormones and position our uterus back. InsyaAllah, kita hanya berusaha, everything else will be decided by Allah.
3. Those who just delivered baby and wants back their body shape. During confinement, we dont have to wear those bengkung lilit or bengkung jawa. just wear PB, and in short time we'll get back our body shape, and also improve blood circulation which means increase our breast milk supply.
4. Those who breastfeed her baby. A lot of testimonies showed that they have abundant supply of breastmilk while wearing PB.
5. Those who has backbone problem, yes, including guys. Definitely wear only the waist nipper for guys.
6. Those who has migraine. PB improves blood circulation, increase oxygen level and ensure it arrives our brain.
7. Those who wants to loose all the strecth mark.
8. Those who has gout.

A lot of testimonies been received throughout these years. Definitely Premium Beautiful has proved that it works effectively. Perhaps it has lifetime warranty.

Too expensive? Not if you think as a lifetime body investment. Just calculate how much you spent for a beauty product, slimming product just to get back your shape. But using Premium Beautiful, you can use it throughout your life.. 1st baby, 2nd baby...many babies to go ;)

So,what you waiting for ? Grab this opportunity and try it for yourself...If you want to see my transformation in real life,book your appoitment today for free fitting and awesome pb sets offer..:)

Ms Zetty Zaihasra
019- 269 5847

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Superwomen on super hectic weekend

Last weekend was super tiring..with mr hubs yg demam almost for a week,open houses,birthday parties and preparing baby shower for my bff..honestly,i pun tak ingat my birthday that weekend coz too busy with soo many stuff..

Setelah ditapis,i only accept few invitation je on sunday, tu pun left me with 3 open houses,2 birthday parties without mr hubs and a wedding at night..monday pagi2 dah bangun masak rendang ayam for my bff's babyshower then off to ara dsara to prepare.then off to 1 pb appointment at tropicana,singgah umah in law,yet that nite couldnt sleep well coz i have to monitor my husband which his temperature still 38c almost a week...Fuh! I feel like a superwomen kejap n now i know how hard to be a wifey,mother,daugher n friends..Honestly im not complaining but im just proud n wonder how i do it...

Lets the pic do the talking,here some snaps yg sempat i amik...

Tristan superhero party at bsc,bangsar

Tok nani with her 2 cucu's', hazrieq n barr

Thanks for inviting us sis...hz had soo much fun..

At night,mr hubs's cousin wedding at Concorde,Shah Alam.

The newlyweds,congratulations..To the bride,welcome to twj's family..one of emcee's note that the groom jatuh cinta to the bride sbb sepanjang they all couple more than 5yrs,the bride tak suka merajuk..Wah! Untungnya..need to know the bride's secret..;p

With beloved sis in law,wanee and cousin,fariha..

Twj's family...

Hamdan's ladies....

I love everything about the wedding esp bila tuan punya blog can wear kebaya songket that i wore on my wedding...*blush*

So next day,off to suprise baby shower for my bff,zahira

Us writing notes to the parents to be n lil lz...

It suppose to be a brunch party, but surprise punya pasal, mom tobe surprise us n make us waited till 2pm...but its all worth it to see her face when we surprise her..nasib tak teberanak kt situ.huhu.. "

Another surprise from all of us, changing table that she dream off...with precious notes from all of us (pulse hz too)..

Perut sudah lapar,abis snap pics skit,semua lari sebu all the foods...food suppose to be a brunch party nasi lemak daun pisang,rendang ayam,sambal kerang,telur goreng,deserts...

Mr hubs hanya mampu tengok je coz still not fully recover so he missed all the super licious foods..;p

Cheers...,! We did it shoan as organiser..later kena buat postmotem meeting..

Cant wait for lil lz.. Next baby shower for mama yien n mama dyla...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to wear premium beautiful set

I received a lot of enquiries especially from my customer about how to wear pb sets..For first timer,you might need longer time but once you are used to it and wear it correctly, you will wear it like a pro..myself only took 5 minutes to wear it now and i really love the feeling when i wear my complete pb sets..

From the 3 pieces, you will wear the Long Girdle first.

Firstly, fold the top of the long girdle outwards.

Put your legs in carefully and slowly pull the girdle up until you have reached your hips. You may want to pull it one side after another "left right left right". Then you can unflod the folded part up to cover your tummy.

Depends on the person but the upper part of the girdle should be above your belly button.
Put one hand into the girdle (at the back) and pull up the flesh to lift up your buttocks, while the other hand pushes from the outside.
Once it's done, adjust the girdle so that that you are comfortable and ensure that the butterfly is aligned centre of your body.


Bend down slightly so that your breasts can fill in the cup properly.

Fasten all the hooks at your back. Ask for help from husband/ roomates/ mother/ sisters for the first timer ;)

Put your hands into the cup and pull all the flesh from the back into the cup or use 2 fingers (index and middle finger). Keep doing this until you can see you have a 'flat back' especially around the scapula area.

Adjust the strap and back.

Ensure that the diamond and butterfly is aligned to the centre of your body, following the long girdle, and you're done.


This will go on last.
Fasten the hook on the waist nipper. The hooks is placed on the left side of your body and the butterfly and the diamond at the top. You might need a help for first timer ;)

Adjust the waist nipper and ensure that it is aligned with the diamond and butterfly from your long bra.

Stand straight, inhale and pull the string to tighten and take it to the front of the body

Tie the strings together. Hook the string at the front of your body as in the picture.

Call me for free demo and trial...once you try it,im sure you will love it,just like me..;)

Miss Zetty
019-269 5847

My last 20s

One year older than yesterday..wuhoo..cant believe its my last year being 20s..next year dah masuk 3 series..patut celebrate buat party buih trus tp mr hubs pulak demam since wed nite..so aktiviti on my birthday,woifey have to take care of two boys..fuh..

A day before my birthday,we had a surprise baby shower for one of my bff at their condo in ara dsara,and end up me also surprise by them with a cake..couldnt ask for more,loving family n friends..i think almost 15yrs without fail i celebrate my speacial day with my beloved childhood friends..thanks soo much for organizing..terharu rasanya disayangi..chewah!


My lil boy baru tahu appreaciate birthday..so off course he loves all the candles n birthday song...

With the beautiful ladies..i love you guys soo much..thanks for being such a great friends for almost 15 years...

With my small family..my life n soul..

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hz first trip to zoo negara

I think most of kids mmg suka sgt animals..so do my son,so few mths back in may ,me n sil decided to bring the kids to zoo..we went on weekdays coz if weekend sure ramai org,n our decision to go on weekdays mmg marvelous..Not only tak ramai sgt org,the kids really enjoy themselves even cuaca panas..Well,not only the kids,the adults pun really had a blast...Dulu masa i buat broadcasting,i alwiz go to zoo sampai pernah satu hari shoot at the zoo till 3am!! time tu balik rumah pun badan dh bau zoo..huhu..such a memories,good old days... Tp dis time,the trip was soo special n meaningfull coz i already have a kid,n this is hz first trip to zoo negara..wuhuu...

Ok hz,btulkan rambut dulu baru hencem..

Hz hanya menurut perintah barr..

Alright boys,dh hencem lets go!!

Yey, show dh start...

The show around half an hour camtula..my review for the show okla tp rasanya banyak lg the zoo management boleh improve..i guess masa i gi night safari kt singapore lg best kot the show more lively n tak boring..one major thing yang zoo negara have to improve is the sound system.

Our first animal we all tgk is bear.time ni mmg best sbb zoo's staff tgh nak kasi bear makan2..so macam2 aksi we all dpt tgk..mmg best! And after that,the kids tak panggil bear dah,keep on panggil 'boy' sbb zoo's staff tu panggil boy..

Soo cute! 'boy' tgh buat aksi bye bye..not only the kids yg excited,the moms lgla terlebih excited.

Omg! Im soo fat!! Sila abaikan kebesaran mummy hz yer,time ni blum try pb lg yer..huhuhu.

Panas terik ni makan jelly mmg sedap yer....beria2 this 2 boys makan jelly....

We had the chance kasi elephant makan..my nephew soo berani n tak takut langsung..soo proud of him..hz time ni duk jauh2..maybe dia pelik kot tgk belalai elephant pjg sgt..

Sunggu kusyuk anakku tgk giraffe.. Dari jauh beranila nk panggil giraffe,gi dekat trus takut..;p

Overall the trip was good..cuma time we all pegi ada minor renovation so agak berhabuk and the signage not really clear..i think from the last time i went to zoo last 5yrs ago compare to now tak banyak beza..sama jer..i think the zoo need to do something nk kasi zoo negara lg menarik in the future..tips for mothers yg bawak kids,pls bring water,baby wipes,stroller .and if posible makanla dulu before dtg sini coz tak byk choice of food,only small stalls yg jual makanan ringan and the only fast food pun marry brown( i prefer kfc in zoo like old days masa i still a kid)...but overall hz first trip was a blast and he really had soo much fun esp with his cousin..looking forward for the next 'educational' trip, to aquaria klcc..(not sure when,kena tunggu mummy n mummy e free.hehe)...

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Riang ria di rumah terbuka...

Sedar tak sedar minggu ni last weekend for syawal..almost every weekend penuh dgn open house invitation..sgtla excited bila dpt gie open house (sbb dpt collect duit raya hz.hehe) cuma malas sgt nk tempuh jam bila semua org kl nk kluar gi open house..tu pun dis year terpaksa jd selective skit and terpaksa tolak byk invitation , sbb if nk gi smua ngan hz ni mmgla sgt tak larat...

So last weekend both saturday n sunday mmgla pack from morning till nite..tp sempat lg curi-curi masa gi appointment for my pb biz n deliver pb sets..time raya ni lah alhamdulillah rezeki sgtla murah, maybe ramai dh tau pb is a very good products n smua nk melaram baju raya..yerla apa guna beratur pjg n berebut sakan semata2 nk dptkn collection from rizalman n jovian kan..huhu..

So here some pic from raya open house hari ke 20 & 21...Xsempat snap byk photo coz i busy makan sambil berebut food wif hz..;p... tp ni yg sempat amik from hp n frens's fb..

Second open house on saturday at bangsar..actually its a birthday+akikah n open house...dtg lambat around 3pm coz ada open house at segambut..mara tuan rumah sbb hz xsempat sama2 blow cake wif birthday gurl..pic birthday gurl xsempat snap sbb bufday gurl dh kepenatan tido.hehe...

And kat situ,hz jumpa one of his idol.hehee..hz suka sgt tgk iklan ubat gigi dis boy,everytime dia nangis or tgh main,if iklan dis boy kluar mmg dia akan stop tpegun tgk iklan tu..so apa lg,we manage to snap a pic hz wif him..

Mula-mula malu n terpegun,maybe hz xpercaya org slalu tgk kt tv depan mata..siap hz buat muka malu-malu lg.soo cute.hehe..

This boy baru 7 yrs old tp sgt pandai n independent..sporting je minta amik pic,maybe dh biasa kot bergambar ngan peminat..hz muka unbelievable.haha..

On sunday,i have 4 open house but manage to go 3 only...blame the traffic yg tersgtla maha best! rasa sgtla ralat xdpt gi open hs miss dyla..:((...Nway,ni je pic sempat snap at my bff hs in shah alam...

We've been frens since zaman uni lagi,time tu baru 18 ys n smua first time duduk jauh from family...wpun ada ups n down we still bff forever..in dis pic,jajan missing...byk memories with them esp masa time uni..makan sesama,blk kl every week without fail,bukak gerai jual keropok lekor time kolej's open day (sampai i ada parut kes kuali panas),take care of each other esp time salah sorang sakit,basuh toilet wing mcm pesta buih, mandi guna pili bomba sbb xde air sampai basah satu wing.haha and mcm2la...plg xboleh lupa jual nasi lemak daun pisang dari bilik ke bilik at our kolej,sweet memories..wat i like in our friendship ni, bukan saje we all rapat with each other,my bff yg lain pun rapat dgn diaorg and boleh lepak together even without me k...even our parents pun berkawan..semua dh anggap mcm anak sendiri..

i really hope that our kids pun will be close cam my friendship with them..Insyallah..

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