Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Needle & Stitches - Online shopping

Recently my sis in law n my fren baru launch a new website for online shopping..Even tho website still new n belum official launch,so far their first batch already sold out, and the best part now they all tengah restock and will launch their second batch by this week..All the tops and tudung are up to date n trendy..dan yg paling penting the price is very reasonable and they do free delivery...Wah! Just click apa yg you berkenan di hati and zass will be at your doorstep asap..As easy as that..

Their facebook page 'Needle & Stitches and instagram 'needlenstitches'..Just like their fb page n follow them k... Will update once they launch their website..

Happy shopping..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anak sulung

I havent write anything details about my lil hero,and bila tgk kt lilypipie birthday countdown kt blog ni,tetiba rasa cam , cepatnya masa berlalu..hz goin to be 2 year less than 4 mths..masyallah,time flies n i pun xrealise masa bila dia membesar dgn cepatnya...

To think back when he was still baby,ya allah susahnya nk jaga masa pantang..40 days of pantang mmg really a disaster for me,hz is a colic baby and mlm langsung tak tido..nk i dukung duduk je all the time..if letak je atas tilam,he will cry and it really stressful for us first time parent..In fact my parents pun risau dia selalu nangis,and the only thing make him relax bila we all bukak air paip or air terjun..maybe bunyi air buat dia rasa cam dlm perut i kata..but alhamdulillah,after 44 days,he such a good boy,senang jaga n dh tak meragam lg...cuma i have problem breastfeeding direct to him but i manage to fully pump n give him fully breastmilk for 10mths..honestly, being a working mother n kena pump all the time mmg lg susah dari mothers yg direct breastfeed to their babies..nntla i buat special entry about my breastfeeding journey...

Some notes on what hazrieq ziyaad can do at 20 mths ;

-he talks soo much now,dah pakai panggil mimi (supposely mummy), ayah,atok,nani,barr,mama,che sue,hafiz,hanif,yaya

-if he wants something dh pakai minta ckp nak or nanak..n if haus pandai suruh i amik air, or susu..dah pandai describe to me mmg sgt penting n senang la skit cam if sakit,hot,sejuk,duduk,yayak ( kencing or poo poo smua yayak for him) ,jatuh, bom bom (tido)

-sgtla hyper active esp bila his cousin dtg umah,jatuh or terhantuk pun nangsi kejap for 5 secs pastu sambung main blk

-makan mcm2 dh skrang,nasi ayam and masak lomak,mee mmg his favorite tp choc n ice cream i still monitor xleh mkn selalu..and now dh pandai gigit makan burger..

-makan pakai tangan xmau pakai sudu,abis bersepah

-slalu berebut ipad dgn i,if kita tgh guna ipad time tulah,'nak ipad' sambil berebut amik ipad from my hands

-dulu one time suka sgt barney,24 hrs barney sampai ada one time ngigau kul 3 pagi suruh pasang barney joget2 pastu tido suka sgt toy story n xabis2 sebut woody and bila kita ckp 'buzz lightyear infinity and ....' dia akan sambung 'eyon( beyond)

-sayang sgt kt bibik dia,last raya haji bibik outing tido umah seara dia yg over emo..bila tanya bibik gi mana,dia akan jwb 'raya'..and usual bila bibik tau pasal tu bibik la yg paling emo rindu2 dua malam xjumpa hz.

-teramatla suka motor,kt jalan nampak motor je sebut 'apis' (sbb my bro bwk motor)..and now dh tau lori,car,motor,bus (dia pangil round round abb lagu wheel on the bus) bila naik kea bisingla suruh i sama2 tgk n sebut smmua vehicle yg aa atas jln.

-still with his pacifier esp time tidur..tak tau camne nk kasi putus pcifier ni...

-suka nyanyi n joget2 esp lagu oppa ganyam..and sumtimes bila we all tgk adam hawa,time theme song dia akan ckp 'cintaaaa'..

-clingy and my number one fan..if i ada kt umah je asyik nak menepek je ngan mummy..if mandi pun,sampai halau2 bibik kluar toilet nk i sorang j mandikan dia..

- gigi masih 4 atas 2 kt bwh,tah bila nk tambah gigi nak oi...

Books cuma suka books yg ada animal n vehicles saje..

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coming soon in Dec 2012....

Magazine photoshoot with young,successful and beautiful ladies for Glamdeco magazine...

Me represent premium beautiful business, wawa & azura from Azuraazwa,Adilah from Poya Boutique and Farhana from Cafe Bawang Merah...

Will update more when the magazine is out in December 2012...

Hong Kong Trip 2012 - Teaser

Actually i have soo many things to update  : my recent trip to Hong Kong with family, my first ever magazine photoshoot regarding my PB business,clients testimonial after wearing PB ;include my client 2 top msia celebrity wearing PB, and mcm2 lagi..But recently im too busy with work, fmaily  and off course my PB business ( demand for PB like pisang goreng panas ditgh hari,alhamdulillah !!)

So mean time,lets the HK picture do the talking k..Will try to update all in details..Insyallah

Salam aidiladha

Salam Aidiladha to all..

Alhamdulillah we get to celebrate aidiladha again this year..Just a normal celebration and as usual the highlight  of course the food galore that ive been waiting for..Just name it,nasi arab,rendang,sate,kuah lodeh and also bakso...hehehe..Hope i didnt gain much weight..

This aidiladha a lil bit special bcoz i got to do qurban for the first time using my own money..Alhamdulillah...Me & Mr Hubs decide to give our qurban to fakir miskin in Kemboja thru my family's ustaz...Hopefully more rezeki to come and i can share it with people yg memerlukan..Insyallah...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to order and measure premium beautiful (PB)

How to order your Premium Beautiful ?

Step 1:

There's only 4 areas for you to measure. And it is important to measure them precisely in centimeters (cm).

You need to measure:
1/ bust
2/ underbust
3/ waist - to do the trick: put your hand down at the side of the body. The waist line is the same line as your elbow
4/ hips *buttocks to be accurate ;)

Step 2:
Email/sms me your measurements.

Step 3:
Will let u know your size and inform you immediately once your stock is ready to be delivered. It may take up to 2 days depending on availability of stock.

Step 4:
Make the payment via:


*Credit card

* Paypall / western union

* RHB Easy

Step 5:
will deliver to you for FREE!

Step 6:
You confirm the receipt of the corset

Step 7:
Wear them, feel them, enjoy them, love them!
Tell me your feedback!

Contact me now at
019- 269 5847
Or email for FREE consultation

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Premium beautiful set

Long Brassiere

Kelebihan Long Brassiere

1. Mengelakkan bengkak susu
2. Mengelakkan payudara berdarah
3. Menyokong payudara besar
4. Menggalakkan pertumbuhan payudara yang kecil
5. Meransang pengeluaran susu ibu
6. Mengelakkan gastrik

Long Girdle 

Kelebihan Long Girdle

1. Menyokong rahim selepas melahirkan anak
2. Menstabilkan hormon
3. Mengurangkan senggugut
4. Membantu perlekatan janin
5. Mencantikkan punggung
6. Mengurangkan keputihan

Waist Nipper

Kelebihan Waist Nipper

1. Menyokong tulang belakang
2. Memecahkan batu karang kecil
3. Mengempiskan perut
4. Menghilangkan 'stretch mark'
5. Membentuk pinggang
6. Elok untuk mencegah demam kuning
7. Mengubat lenguh kaki

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