Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why we WANT you to be our business partner in Premium Beautiful business ?

Kenapa nak business partners? Jual jela PB? Why buat Networking?

These some of the questions i dapat from people yang tanya about my pb biz...Lain orang lain cara pemikirannya,tujuan i join buat pb biz mainly off course sbb i nk generate more income, second cause i can do it for part time tanpa kacau my other jobs.Even i have experience doing sales, i tak mau selamanya jadi salesman or nama gah skit 'business develpoment or account manager ' , off course i want to be part of the management team kan..tak kisahla you kerja kt mana pun, mesti semua orang tanamkan dlm hati untuk naik pangkat n be in the management team..Ini semua salah satu impian semua orang bila start kerja kan..

For my biz, ramai yang tanya 'perlu ke business partner?Untuk apa?

Ok, kenapa Ani Sup Utara bukak cawangan, even yg paling famous di Kuantan Ana Ikan Bakar pun dh bukak franchise di KL and KFC McDonalds banyak cawangan tapi lain cawangan lain syarikat yang manage..

Networking ni sangat penting untuk memenuhi permintaan market.
Contohnya McD just ada kat KL, so macam mana orang kat Kelantan nak makan? kena turun KL?
Maka, franchise ni dibuka atas permintaan dan memenuhi permintaan. Macam kita belajar marketing masa di universiti, HIGH DEMAND = HIGH SUPPLY.

Sama macam Premium Beautiful business. Demand is tremendously high no matter apa orang cakap, demand Premium Beautiful memang tinggi...This is proven i sell off all my pb sets less than 3 mths,even ada our leaders sell of 8 premium beautiful within 2 hours only..If the product tak bagus,it wont be in the market for 20 years and mendapat Superbrand award..

Sebab apa? Once you dah try you akan rasa different PB with other corset especially keselesaan dan the result..Even ada banyak korset in the market and ada yg buat comparision with pb,nothing beats the result wearing pb sets in long term and how it contribute in our health.

So,im working in KL. Bila ada customer luar it is quite hard for me to entertain..takkan customer kat Brunei nak pergi ukur kat Brunei kan? So,thats where business partners/networking mainkan peranan.

Ya, call it what ever leader-partners but this is your own business. Leader hanya tunjuk, ajar macam mana nak handle this business especially in Green Leader Group using Internet.
Tackle market with FB and Blog, and others social hub, Instagram, twitter etc.

This is the teamwork. Bukan business partner untuk kembangkan kumpulan sebab I nak bonus besar bila orang join I.Yes,memang akan dapat sikit komisen but if you ada 100 orang pun business partners but you fail to train them you takkan ke mana.

Contoh my own leader Hanis Haizi, makin lama makin ramai leaders yang beliau dah lahirkan. Ulang tahun baru ni pun bole tengok berapa ramai dari Green Leaders naik pentas ambik award for the highest rank. Semua dah sama pangkat dengan beliau, and 2 of them dah genggam income 6 figures yang sama macam beliau. 

Just by doing this business... :)
So entry ni just to make it clear apa itu franchise marketing. It is not pyramid. Kalau pyramid you just akan nampak leader time big event je... time class, time jumpe customer, time you down, diaorang takkan ada dengan you..Is that the leader that you want? Off course NO

But,i sendiri experience it, even my mentor Nadia and Aliah tak pernah putus help and guide me doing this business.. Even both of them tgh sarat pregnant,tak pernah sekali pun they ignore me,always be with me thru ups and down. Cause pb biz is NOT a pyramid system business dimana leader hanya gotang kaki,we work in a team and help in other..That the most unique about this business..And Hanis Haizi even already own 6 figure income, her Channel Collection macam dah macam butik (ooh,part ini saya teramatla jeles, but its a positive type of cemburu..;) but she tetap rajin help all her business partners, buat personal coaching even classes at GLAM every week,to make sure all the proteje in GLAM be like her one day..Insyallah..

Dengan buka franchise marketing, kita bukan sahaja melebarkan sayap perniagaan sendiri, tapi membuka jalan kepada orang lain untuk menikmati peluang dan kejayaan yang sama.

Kejayaan adalah lebih manis bile dinikmati bersama :)

Why Premium Beautiful Business?
- Outstanding Products
- Brand name recognition
- Hands-on training

Lets make money and have fun in the process!!

So,what you waiting for, be part of our team and we will guide you all the way..

Call/sms/whatapp me at 019-2695847
Email me

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Double babyshower for my dearest BFF

The best part of being pregnant not only you can eat watever u craving for, alwiz be the priority (cut lines,get a seat in lrt etc) but also being cherish and feels the loves around you.. Both of my very dear close friend are expecting their first child..And being such a darling friends( chewah ! ) so we decided to do a double babyshower for both of them. Due to the preggors super duper busy schedule, so we decide to do it just a simple but meaningful babyshower..Bak kata Adilah, 'yang penting babyshower ni is the present!! '.. ( penat me and shon angkut hadiah u alls tau )

The theme for the babyshower is bunny,color code purple n yellow..Since Ira just giving birth to a beautiful Lily Zahra,so we plan for a brunch but as usual end up a lunch..But the most important,all of us gather together n happy happy..;) and the best part,we all semua kena record a video message to the mummies to be,klakar bila tgk video semsua orang..And the most touching,off course wishes from the hubby to the mummy to be...Soo sweet..

Two glowing mom to be, Izrin espected to have Christmas baby and Adilah Gong Xi Fa Cai baby..

Parents to be..Cant wait to welcome all of u to the sleepless night...hihi..

Wishing both of you a smooth delivery and Insyallah dipermudahkan...Hz, Durrah and Lily cant wait to have their new playdate..

Indonesian maid - permit or no permit ?

Having a maid ni mcm its a must for every houses epsecially for working mom.But with so many issue and cases about the maid sometimes buat orang takut to leave house or children with maid only without supervision.

So far my maid dh dkt almost 2 yrs sama umur wif my son..and masa mula dapat maid mmgla susah nk create the trust,and find the mutual understanding..biasalah macam kita mula2 bercinta,nk cari the chemistry tupun bukan senang kan..Tp wif maid ni,apa yg experience mmg kena banyak sangat bersabar and xleh terlampau baik or garang sgt with them coz the end of the day they still a human being and kita pun ni tak mau dia buat yg tak elok to our house and children kan..

Masa mula i dpt maid and tinggalkn hz just with the maid masa he is only 2mths+ right after my pantang, tp time tu my mom was here to monitor..and later we all pasang cctv to monitor the maid.For me,i mmg tak suka nk monitor th cctv coz nanti sure i yg akan sakit i let my husband n my brother to handle it. awal2 mmg byk menda yg i tak sefahaman with maid,and my maid pulak semua keja rumah tak reti buat,im not sure whether saje2 buat tak tau or mmg tak tau..Percaya tak mula2 sampai goreng telur pun tak reti..masyallah! Tp,lama2 adalah jugak dia buat perangai tp i still bertahan coz she really take care of my son n sayang him and my son pun quite attach with her,so tutup mata sebelah jerlah..maka baju send to dobi,i cook for family even for her, lipat balik baju semua, susun sendiri brg dapur after groceries shop etc..

Ok to make it short,i decide to send her back..At first plan to send her back for good,tp suddenly she request to go back for 1 mth holiday n request to come back..i pun xpikir panjang trus la book her flight ticket without realising mr hubs LUPA to renew her this is where all the drama begin...

We Call imigration to ask camne,and they said my maid overstay n kena bayar penalty which is rm30 per day from expired date (her expired date on 31 march and now dh masuk dec,u can do the calculation by ur self)...masa dgr amount penalty,mmg la nk pengsankan..and my friend suggest one more way is to pay around rm500 camtu,she can go back tp nama dia blakclist nk masuk msia for i told my maid and she agree,n kata she will come back and cari cara (diaorg ni kan pandai can redo their paspport tukar namala,umur la)..

Maka kami pun ke imigresen at Putrajaya and dgn pengawai imigration are not soo helpful and kerek (cant blame them coz everyday penat layan kerenah warga asing ni), and they said we have to go to indonesian embassy to take surat SLP ke apatah..sumthing like surat can send her back which cost only rm18..sampai embassy,ya allah tetiba rasa mcm di jakarta,penuh indonesian n i pun tetibe jd migrain.hehe..And kt sana makes me realise patutla ramai maid indonesian lari xkisah tinggalkan passport or permit sbb later bila diaorg nk balik they can just go to their kedutaan,report passport hilang (without need to show any police report ke apa), pay rm18,dah dpt surat pulang ke negara asal..omg! This is no unair to majikan k!! So after all the drama,kami pulang dengan tgn kosong coz i cant take the SLP coz my maid ada permit n passport lambat lg nak tak nak i have to pay for the penalty which cost us a bomb..

Tetibe,makes me realise baik tak payah buat permit maid,sbb bila dia lari dahla majikan kena bayar rm250 sebagai denda maid lari, and if lambat renew permit kena dena lagi, so baik tak payah ada permit coz bayar je rm500, so they can go back to their country happily ever after bawak duit berjuta-juta...

But watever it is, we did pay for the penalty+ renew permit+ gaji tertunggak maid which cost us more than 10k..i cant withdraw my asb coz Dec tgh kira dividen, and nk dibuat cerita yesterday is a payday for bonus pb,and i cant thankful Allah mempermudahkan n give me rezeki doin pb biz..if not because of my premium beautiful business,im sure my maid dah menangis everyday cant go back to indonesia sbb majikannya enggak cukup wang..hehe..

So the end of the day,maid ku akan selamat pulang bercuti and hopefully she will come back on January..Insyallah..😄

Monday, December 10, 2012

GLAMentrepreneur in GLAM Deco magazine (December 2012)

Its been a wonderful journey with my premium beautiful business...Only few moths doing this business, alhamdulillh i never regret walaupun sedikit pun with my decision to join this team and business.. With my mentor,Nadia Bakly yg tak pernah jemu-jemu menolong i even dia tgh sarat pregnant,i thank you Allah with my journey..

And to make it more special me doin pb biz, i was interviewed by GLAMDeco magazine for December issue..I had an awesome photography session with Adilah khairuddin from Poya boutique, Farhana from Kafe Bawang Merah and The lovely designer sisters from AzuraAzwa..Apa yg really speacial about this photoshoot is i was featured as Zetty Zaihasra as entrepreneur of Premium Beautiful business..Amazing..!!

Meantime,lets the pic do the talking and if you interested to join me in my team, just buzz me and we will do it together and guide you all the way..Insyallah

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