Thursday, February 28, 2013

Premium beautiful benefits

Why premium beautiful? What soo good about it till everyone are talking about it..Is it true what people claim its for health and at same time can lost weight easily just by wearing it?what soo special about premium beautiful till other corset's will definately try to compare with premium beautiful?

Thats some of the question in my mind before i decide to try premium beautiful...

What is Premium Beautiful??

So what can I say about this wonderful lingerie that I love and has changed my life so much and the lives of many women out there?

It's Aweso-mazing!
It's not just that it's an underwear with health benefits
It's not just that it helps with posture, back pain, slip disc
It's not just that it helps with reshaping the women's body, giving it the curve and shape a woman should have
It's not just that it helps with blood circulation, metabolism and detoxification
It's not just that it helps me with my gastric problem, stretchmarks and menstrual pain

and I can go on and on...

But if you google it, I'm very sure you'll find SO MANY more reasons why thousands of women love their Premium Beautiful.

In short, it really really helps! it helps so much that some women can't live without it and it has help women around the world with many of women's problems today.

* So what causes it to be so popular?

The basics of it's success is simple actually.
Design so that it is comfortable to wear using the right material suitable for hot or cold climate
Design so that it will reshape & distribute body fat into the right places of the body
Design so that it has FIR embedded and provide many of health benefits (just like I mentioned earlier)

So Ladies, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Husbands, Brothers and Sons..

If you happen to know someone who:-
has slipped disc,
has gastric
is trying to conceive
is in confinement
has menstrual pain
has back pain
has posture problems
has migraine
and many more
(Contact me for a full list of ailments)

Tell them about the Premium Beautiful Therapy, tell them that they don't have to suffer or live with the problems that they face and that they can choose a healthier life with Premium Beautiful.

They too can enjoy life and reap it's benefits like millions of women across the globe who has already tried the Premium Beautiful Therapy.

If you'd like to know more or get a Premium Beautiful today

Contact Me for details
Zetty Zaihasra 019-269 5847

Before i go,i want to share a picture..It might looks funny but it definately true..women's dilema after giving birth..Ive been in that situation for 1 year+ and almost givr up to get back my pre wedding weight not prep regnancy weight ( yes! I aim soo high and i achieve after wearing premium beautiful in 3mth !! )... now i will definately agree with premium beautiful's 'magic' and quite regret coz i didnt try it earlier right after i giving birth...But its never too late and now im one of premium beautiful's most satisfied customer...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New love

I just love INSTAGRAM..its a new facebook/twitter, seriously rasa cam addicted and best..Coz Xbanyak caption and its more simple than other social media..Baru je ada instagram after my sil introduce it to me,and rasa cam best pulak.hihi...

Anyway,for those ada instagram,feel free to follow me k...Cheers!

Friday, February 22, 2013

HZ 2nd birthday celebration

I loves february...why? Cause its a love month!! No ! Not bcoz im celebrationg valentine's day, mmg dari dulu i tak minat to celebrate it..But bcoz this month is my little man birthday celebration..
And lebih berkay,his birthday on friday which is a very good day and penghulu segala hari...

Rasa mcm baru je i deliver him and now he already a toddler sekelip mata..Ada jugak org ckp kt i ,'all the best mummy,welcome to teribble two,' ..for me,no such thing as terible two or watsoever,i totally tak agree coz i think cam doakan tak baik pulak utk anak kita..anak yg aktif or naughty is normal esp for boys is just how we manage and didik them..We are the first role model that they will see and follow...

Nway,on his birthday my husband took a leave,so we start with taking the birthday boy to his favorite place for breakfast..its non other than,Mcd..i know mesti org cam mcd je? But thats his fav place and gi mcd main slides mmg buat dia the most happiest boy! I dunno why he dont really interested in kidsland,i think maybe dia confuse coz besar and byk sgt mainan kot.haha..But watever it is he really enjoy his birthday breakfast...

Balik umah,his favorite cousin ever dtg umah with a cake mummyE bought a night before ,so they sing and blow the cake together..i thought i want to buy another cake,but considering ppl in my hs not really a cake fan ( kek tu pun semua org mkn one slice only! ), so maybe later will buy him a new cake so dat he can blow his birthday cake following month...

As usual,for birthday the whole family went out for a dinner and we choose Bangkok house in Pj..thefoods is fantastic and the most important,all my family mmebers are there and its our first ever dinner togehter for 2013..Dah feb baru sempat nk dinner sekali due to my dad and brother yg super busy esp the PRU coming soon ni..

The end of the day,birthday boy sgt happy and im soo bless to have my family to celebrate his birthday..nothing beats the joy being close to your family..

To HZ, nothing i want from you..Just be anak yg soleh and berguna pd agama,bangsa and negara...Mummy and ayah loves you soo much and no one can deny that...

Hallo february

Been very busyyy lately with fam,work and also business..working out on sumting and will announce here insyallah...hopd everything goes well..

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