Thursday, May 30, 2013

Medan trip with my uni girls

Went to medan last month for our gurls trip.. it was soo fun tho.At last release my stress and spend time wif my besties.. We all dulu berkwn since zaman diploma and masa tu smua first time jauh from family.. alhamdulillah dipertemukan dgn these 3 amazing gurls yg sama2 susah senang together and we managed to survive 3 yrs kt kawasan jin tendang,segamat.. it was a best memories i had with them..from sweet to worst and plg xleh lupa accident dlm uitm segamat..Topic plg hangat among budak segamat time tu camne we all accident.haha..

Nway,it was my first time to medan,and ni idea ms ain sbb dia dh slalu pergi and we got the best ever deal from firefly which is rm 180 return so terus book until masa nk fly tu smua tertanya why kita gi medan,we should go to bangkok or jakarta..haha..

Honestly dis was the best ever trip with my gurls.. Medan mmg awesome k.. if nk shopping compare to jakarta or bandung,medan xbyk choice sgt and a bit pricey (tak byk choice pun we all overload siap byk penalty kt airport), but medan mmg tempat to relax n chill..I dont know for other people but for us mmg totally yes! Foods mmg teramat sedap and the spa is marvelos..

Will update about the hotel we stayed,spa and tempat mkn best at medan later.. meanwhile enjoy the pics and eill update soon after i finish appoitment..

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