Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Come and join Glampreneurs and make duit raya!!

Only available for this 2 weeks... Cepat book your slot as soon as posible.. Not only u will get first bonus RM 4700+,u will receive free watch snd qualified to our next trip.. Dengar katanya to Ausie..Cant wait to travel for free with glampreneurs and make duit raya..!!

Join us and insyallah we succeed together...Apa yang penting,kerjasama!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Magic korset -Premium Beautiful

Lama rasanya tak update about premium beautiful korset.. For me i called it magic korset..Why? Coz this magic korset bring back my confident and my old figure..yg paling best i dh dpt pakai balik my nikah dress.. Yes sgtla magic..

I still remember after deliver 2 yrs ago jgn kata baju kain try pakai pun till lutut only and its really frustated...The day i really determined to try pb after i saw my pic with in laws for my sil's graduation photo.. uish,my butt penuh pic and rasa down sgt.. But as usual the main factor makes me hold back bcoz of the price. I thot only can be purchase cash so off course la agak kedekut duit disitu.. But after i do few research and ask around i think its a good investment.. Yg penting disiplin.. I think few ppl pakai pb tak berkesan coz they dont wear it min 8 hrs a day and maybe cara pakai or sizes salah..Coz my bf bought pb set earlier than me masa i tgk dia kata cam longgar n not really 'attach' to her body and dia tgk i pakai firm je..Yup,dats why u need to find a good agent to get the right size for u k..Jgn tertipu coz ada agent yg kasi secondhand pb sets or salah size..either too ketat or too loose..

Ramai juga my friends and client ask how pb works? Smua org tau pb ada FIR ( fat infared ray) that will increase ur metabolisme rate and improved ur blood dats why pakai pb boleh slim down and kurus.. Before this i have more than 10 korset tp xgunala coz its only shape my body but didnt burn my fat.. only pb je dpt burn fat bcoz of its FIR..

So,if u are looking for premium beautiful sets with special price and cobsultation can contact me..I will consult the correct way to wear it,cara basuh and even monitor ur diet plan... Insyallah if i can lost 8kg+ in 3 mths so do u.. Kata orang sharing is caring..Tak perlu kedekut ilmu dan pegalaman, bukan saje i will happy to see my client's result at same time dpt pahala.. :))... And for those nk join buat business premium beautiful fulltime or part time can buzz me,kita set appt and will show u the business plan... Bonus pertama 3k,free trip 3 times a year,car fund, and yg plg best i guarantee u its gonna be fun experience with our group,GLAM under Hanis Haizi.. Siapa hanis? GLAM gounder also my leader yg consisten 6 figure income after 2 years doing this business.. Nnt i buat special entry bout her k...

For business enquiries can buzz me at 019- 269 5847 or email me at

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wadihana Steak House,Setapak

Bila sebut pasal makan,i mmg paling on my lil bro birthday,i give the task to mr hubs cari location tempat makan and he decide to try Wadihana Steak House at PV 128,Setapak..

At first i was quite skeptical but i let him to choose and give it a try...Coz usually for western mmg akan pergi Chillis or Friday's only.. Direction paling senang from Tawakal Hospital just go straight until u nampak building putih (shoplots  ada Chatime,Dewan Kampung Pengantin).. jgn sampai miss till Festival mall to Danau Kota tu.. Building dia next to Columbia Restaurant...

First sampai,we were greet with salam..quite surprise coz slalu tempat lain usually will greet with welcome sekuat-kuatnya kan..

So belek2 menu we order beef nachos and baked makaroni for appertizer,main course pizza,lamb shoulder,chicken sizzling, special beef brger and kids fettucine carbonara.. Balik umah esok pagi2 i dah pakai pb korset ketat-ketat kasi bakar lemak dinner..huhu...

Overall review:
1) All the foods mmg sedap same standard dgn Chilis with cheaper price and bigger portion..
2)The staffs semua friendly and the service cepat... We ask a candle letak atas our desert choc brownies with ice cream(this is sooo sedap to the max), and they surprise us with all the staffs sings happy birthday acapella style.. Not even birthday boy surprise,i pun tersurprise.
3)Parking quite pack kt area tu but ada reserved parking for their customers.

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