Monday, February 17, 2014

Prepare your wings and start flying

GLAM will once again organize GLAMpreneur Seminar on this upcoming Feb 22 at JW Marriot, Putrajaya. This time the seminar is a bit different from seminar that i attended before because the seminar will be conducted by established and successful CDM under GLAM.

This seminar is open to Glampreneurs and also to public from 7 am- 5pm. Glampreneurs seminar, learn on how to start your own business using social media network from our expert, how to generate unlimited income and start a networking business with no business background.

The last time i attended seminar  Dynamic Entrepreneur Program (DEP) organized by GLAM on October 2013  in collaboration with Hai-O Marketing. This seminar is specially designed to assist GLAMpreneurs to improve their business and empower them to be successful entrepreneurs. The seminar was held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club and not only i attended with my business partner but also i make lots of new friend which sama2 nk gain knowledge as much as we can in business.

The talk was given by Mr. Winston Wong. He was the Director of Business Development CMC Biotechnology (M) Sdn. Bhd and the president ot MBF Holdings Bhd. Despite his positions, he took the risk and left the corporate world to be part of the network marketing industry. Now, he has time and money freedom. And also ending speech by our GLAM founder, Hanis Haizi.

It was a great experience for me. The seminar really helps me to build my confidence in this industry and help me to look at every possible opportunity in life. We also had a workshop session (this was the first time DEP  ever that conducted workshop during the session).

This is the lady behind the empire of Green Leaders Group Malaysia ( GLAM), one and only Hanis Haizi. A mother of 3 boys and only 30 this year but already have her own business empire and earn 6 figure income every month without fail. You can read about her activities and success stories here One thing that i really adore about her is her determination and endless guidance to all her business partners under GLAM. Even she have more than 5000 downlines but not even once dia buat kita rasa terkapai2 and lost in this business. Eventho im one of her thousands downlines, she always message  to ask about my progress in this business. Thats why sometimes i rasa kesian to some friends yang join wrong business and uplines but the end of the day  they feel that they have been cheated and ditinggalkan . So , before you decide to join do yor research and pilih GROUP AND LEADER yang betul. 

For me why i join this type of business because im still scared and masih cetak ilmu about business, so to be safe better i start with establish and product yg terbukti bagus, gain as much knowledge about business from the expert and Insyallah one day i can have my own business empire. Ramai juga yang kata MLM ni semua penipu hanya nak duit and banyak hidden things yang tak di expose, for me senang aje, before you join do your own research and decide. Not even one people in this business akan paksa you untuk join, its your own decision. And ask as many question you want to make it clear and decide. The marketing base of MLM is right yang buat tak betul when you choose wrong group and leader. And the end of the day you are one that will run your own business.

The leader and group will always give you endless support and guidance. Jangan pulak salahkan leader if barang tak laku dijual if you sendiri tak ada insentif to promote and do marketing. Contoh as if you buat franchising under Mc donalds, you dah keluarkan modal bila outlet you tak laku takkan you nk salahkan headquarters. SO you have to make your own outlet more attractive and different from others, so do in this business.

So what you waiting for, book your seats for our upcoming GLAMpreneurs seminar by call/sms/whatapp me at 019- 269 5847 or email me at

Insyallah with GLAM you find your right direction and guidance to start your own business.
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