Wednesday, July 23, 2014

IfTHOR for Ramadhan 2014

When you already have your own family and work, its soo hard to gather everyone at the same time.. Coz sometimes when you are free, ada kekawan yang tak free.. So to find right times to hang out together sometimes sgtlah mustahil . But whatever it is, I love ramadhan not only bcoz its a holy month, but at last i get find some time to hang out with them.. Macam dh jadi tradisi annual iftar memang menda wajib that we all looking forward and the same time to catch up update plus stories about all my friends..

1) Iftar with my close friends plus celebrating our darling Adilah birthday at Serai, Empire. Alhamdulilah, despite we all dh jarang lepak together i think this Ramadhan it brings all of us together again.

2) Iftar with my Uitm sweethearts at Havoc Bistro, Kampung Bharu. And off course with our favourite meal, Big mouth roti john!!  It was a good catch up to plan our annual girls trip and also our big project trip for 2015. Ohh i just can wait..

3) Iftar at Ain's place plus project kuih rays.. Eventho its a last minute plan like 3pm baru decide tapi memang seronok coz we all cooked together nasi ayam, cream caramel , poppa cheese and yang paling best, its our first time buat chocolate chips bergantung pada recipe my sil  without any experience. Its soo funny when everyone so panic takut kuih bentat ke later..

4) Iftar with the family is the best !! Get to spend time with my in laws almost every weekend and the best menu masa birthday mil makan masak lomak all the way from Wati corner, Nilai.. Till now still terbayang ikan patin masak lomak den...

And off course buka puasa paling chaos with my boys at Tony Romas. With the help of y younger brother, alhamdulillah we make it thru with the most 'havoc' boys while having our iftar. Boys will be boys but whatever it is they are my happiness..!


Masyallah rasa macam cepat sangat masa berlalu.. tup tau its less than a week nak aidilfitri.. But I'm sure this ramadhan a bit sad to all muslims especially for Malaysian.. Dengan perang di Gaza, and also trgedi MH17.. Kes MH 370 also still missing now we Malaysian have to go thru satu lagi kekejaman manusia di bulan mulia ini...

Nothing much we can do,but at least as muslim let put our hands together and boycott product from Israel.. i know its really hard especially for me almost 80% from the list memang product yang i guna n makan, but looking at the faces of the children n people yang tak bersalah kena bom, thats it.. Good bye to all esp McD..

At least eventho nampak kecik,kita berusaha utk selamatkan orang di Gaza selain doa serta solat hajat..

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