Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The TWO lines


So many things i want to write about but soo limited time..

Lets start my first update the joy on beginning of 2015.. After almost 4 yrs,alhamdulillah im pregnant again.. This time pregnancy macam miracle jugak. Been trying for almost 8 mths to get pregnant ( despite kena tahan telinga with all the questions from kepochi extended families esp the anties bila nk pregnant.. if only just by click blh pregnant..hmpph), Alhamdulillah, we start our 2015 with the good news that im pregnant..

To be honest mmg ada amik jamu untuk 'melekat', and alhamdulillah terus pregnant.Syukur Ya allah and i even gave it to my bestfren and she melekat also after waiting for almost 5 yrs+ for her second child.. Both after first month consume the 'jamu'..Alhamdulilah..Memang mujarab jamu itu.. Tak sia2 ke Jakarta and bought it. Now im entering my 21 weeks ( 5 mths+ pregnancy).

Early signs pregnancy ( This one before i missed my period)

  • Asyik nk pee je all the toilet. I remember time Hz xde pun nak pee but this time,every 10 minutes terus tak tahan nk gi toilet. Masa first week i think too early pun, i susupect i pregnant terus beli 3 set pregnancy test sekaligus and all Negative.. soo frustating.. Tp maybe i check to early, yerla too excited i guess but then i waited for 2 weeks later and alhamdulillah it shows TWO LINES..  Masyallah rasa nk nangis,sebak semua ada. Coz masa 1st pregnancy we still blur and not ready but this time mmg we tried and wait for the miracle and Allah perkenankan doa .. First person off course we tell my mom and my besties.. Coz my besties yg byk support thru out time nk trying tu..

  • Perut rasa kembang n gemok.. Well mmg naturally dh gemok pun coz masa time trying everytime i stress and berangan konon dh pregnnt tp tak pregnant pun, so end up i will eat a lot..But the early sign i rasa my perut mmg rasa bloated and kembung..Bawah pusat mcm keras skit but i assume coz i eat a lot sb tak nak disappointed kononya.

  • My sense of smell mmg sangat kuat esp bau hancing toilet. Esp kt public toilet, believe it or not even before masuk pintu public toilet i can smell if the toilet bau hancing and automaticly akan rasa nk muntah.So its quite hard for me yg selau nk pi toilet and have to bear the smell of the public toilet and pernah few times sb tak tahan i even muntah sambil pee coz bau hancing. And im the only one smell the hancing even the toilet bersih and other ppl tak bau pun.

  • This time pregnancy, mmg rasa selalu penat n sleepy. Most of the time rasa nk tido and penat even doing nothing.And malas nk keluar rumah wpun hanya to pick up kids from school. For me cahaya matahari sgtla memeningkan kepala n irritating. I dunno how to eplain it but i dun like sunshine and setiap kali keluar umah rasa belengas n tak best.

  • Different from my first pregnancy, this time muka i naik jerawat yg sgt byk. Last time naik jerawat dh lama n my face dh ok but masa this pregnant i think bcoz of the hormone mmg naik byk sgt pimples esp on my forehead. Wpun takde stress but the pimples cm besar2 naik and my face soo buruk and kusam. Unlike masa preg Hz wpun i gemok but my face bersih n glowy. I dun even need a compact powder pegi office pun. But this time, bukan sahaja muka i kusam,jerawat but also my body soo kembang. Its not gemok but kembang thingy. Time hz mmg gemok up to 90 kg but badan n my face tak kembang but this time first thing my face soo kembang mcm sembab.

Well im not complaining but just sharing my experience. Betulah kata orang different pregnancy different style. But on top of it, im soo grateful and syukur for this pregnancy. This pregnancy is soo special and different coz i got to perform my first umrah dgn lancar. Syukur dipermudahkan.. Insyallah will write about my journey of umrah while pregnant in my next entry for my on reference and memories.

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