Friday, August 14, 2015


Seriously people around me always see me an independent lady, strong, and whtever type.
But seriously its not easy for me handle things.
Im not a superwomen, im just an ordinary normal women,
who have feelings but its just that i dont really express my feelings with others.
Yes, im the type yang jenis secretive and only share with some certain ppl yg i comfortable.

To tell the truth, with this test i got from Him masa 2nd pregnancy ni i cant handle it
In my every doa, i alwiz doa that Allah will give me strength physical  and mental to face his test,
Coz i know he wont test his umat if they can handle it,
Kata orang sakit adalah penghapus dosa.
Everything happen for a reason and always believe in qada & qadar.

Today genap 7 hari im bed rest at hospital.
Im ok staying alone here without being accompanied by anyone.
Im ok sleeping atas katil keras ni.
Im ok with hospital food,
Im ok takleh active jalan kesana kemari n kena naik wheel chair,
Being apart with my husband especially my son really makes me....
Tahla susah nk cakap feelings tu.
Only Allah knows.

After 5 days being apart from my Hz, at last yesterday my family bawak dia to hospital to visit me after school.
Makin montel mommy tgk anak mommy .
I know he miss me soo much so do me.
when i ask him "did you miss me"
He answered "yes, i miss you mommy" sambil peluk i.
Few days ago when my husband pick him up from school ,he told me that on the way back home,
Hz was holding Mr hubs hp, and scroll my picture and said " I miss u mommy" sambil cium hp tu.

It really break my heart when i heard that.
He miss us being together as a family but he knows that he have to sacrifice the feelings for a while
While mommy and baby 'fighting' thru this battle.

Al- Quran surah 2 verse 153:
Allah is with those who have patient.

Manggi mee mr hubby


Well its been a quite stressful and challenging month for me.. Have some complications with my 2nd pregnancy but nothing so serious. Alhamdulillah i still can handle it and my baby are fine And now im on bed rest at government hospital. Yes gi check up since i knew im pregnant at Sjmc but end up insyallah will deliver my baby in government hospital. A very long story. Will do an entry of it and publish dunt know when. Actually dh draft the entry, its just that im not ready to post it. I just draft it for my own reference in the future pasal my journey 2nd pregnancy ni.

Now almost 6 days bed rest kt sini. Nasib baik dapat bilik single so okla sikit. Takdela rasa cm kepam jer kan. And surprisingly the nurses at govt hospital ni mostly very nice in fact better nurse dari kt sjmc privte yg i pernah gi dullu.

First time sejak kahwin being apart this long with Mr Hubs
Tula bila dekat selalu gadoh,bila jauh rindu to the max.
Well sepanjang kahwin,i discover Mr hubs obviously not a good cooker.
Sometimes ada la jgk effort dia akan buat english breakfast on weekend,
tapi mmg penuh sink dgn kuali semuawpun hanya masak scramble egg,hotdog & mushroom soups.
But , the effort that counts.
And suddenly  i miss his cooking while kat hospital.
Yerla duduk saje tak buat apakan bed rest, and bilik aircond sejuk gila,
Ish.. if makan manggi mesti sedap.

Well to tell the truth, Mr hubs makes the best maggi ever.
I buat mesti tak jadi manggi dia buat.
Air dia just nice, kuah tak cair sgt,tak pekat sgt,
Telur pun tak masak sgt n just nice. medium well.
While typing this pun ku dh terliur.

So maka this pregnant lady yang alone in the room jadi emo la kejap,
Facetime my hubby mengadu ngidam nk makan manggi
Ngadu sambil kesat air mata #emosungguh
Tapi tak mo yang maggi in cup
Nak yang masak atas dapur and rasa cm my hubs masak.

Emo sugguh perempuan mengandung ini.
Nak dibuat cite,the next day,my mil msg cakap nk visit and ask me what i want
Terus cakap nk pinjam her travel rice cooker and manggi kari.

So last night, around 10 pm,dapatla lepaskan ngidam skit masak manggi.
Not as best as my Mr hubs buat ( well obviously) but at least sedap woo makan manggi dalam bilik sejuk gila..

Bak kata pepatah, jauh dimata dekat di hati. So always appreaciate the moments while you are together. Bila dah jauh barula rasa rindu2an walaupun masakan maggi nya...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Crispy Chocolate chips ala famos amos

Orang buat kuih raya masa bulan ramdhan, tapi we all buat pada bulan syawal.hihi... At least buat time dah abis puasa,takde la iman rasa tergugat sgt coz boleh rasa..

Saw this recipes in facebook.
Then saja olah balik kasi ikut tekak and kecrispyan biskut tu..
And surprisingly,mmg sedap my sis buat..

Here the recipe :
1 cawan butter
1 1/2 cawan tepung gandum
1 1/2 cawan tepung jagung
1 tea spoon soda bikarbonat
1 cawan gula halus
1 cawan gula perang
2 1/2 cawan oat yang dimesin halus ( ini recipe crispy)
12 oz chocolate chips
1/2 tea spoon garam
9 oz chocolate cadburry ( parut)
2 biji telur
1 tea spon baking powder
1 1/2 cawan chopped nuts (walnut,almond & hazel)
1 tea spoon esen vanilla

Cara :
1 ) Pukul butter & gula hingga gebu.
2) Masukkan telur dan esen vanilla, campurkan dgn tepung gandum, oat, garam, baking powder dan soda bikorbonat.
3)Masukkan chocolate chips, Cadbury bar ( yang telah diparut ), dan chopped nuts. Sebatikan semua bahan dan gaul rata.
4) Kemudian sudukan ke  dalam loyang dalam jarak 2 inci. Buat cam bebola kecil dlm 10sen,sb nanti biskut akan kembang masa bakar.
5) Bakar dalam 15 minit pada suhu 170 c.

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