Friday, August 14, 2015


Seriously people around me always see me an independent lady, strong, and whtever type.
But seriously its not easy for me handle things.
Im not a superwomen, im just an ordinary normal women,
who have feelings but its just that i dont really express my feelings with others.
Yes, im the type yang jenis secretive and only share with some certain ppl yg i comfortable.

To tell the truth, with this test i got from Him masa 2nd pregnancy ni i cant handle it
In my every doa, i alwiz doa that Allah will give me strength physical  and mental to face his test,
Coz i know he wont test his umat if they can handle it,
Kata orang sakit adalah penghapus dosa.
Everything happen for a reason and always believe in qada & qadar.

Today genap 7 hari im bed rest at hospital.
Im ok staying alone here without being accompanied by anyone.
Im ok sleeping atas katil keras ni.
Im ok with hospital food,
Im ok takleh active jalan kesana kemari n kena naik wheel chair,
Being apart with my husband especially my son really makes me....
Tahla susah nk cakap feelings tu.
Only Allah knows.

After 5 days being apart from my Hz, at last yesterday my family bawak dia to hospital to visit me after school.
Makin montel mommy tgk anak mommy .
I know he miss me soo much so do me.
when i ask him "did you miss me"
He answered "yes, i miss you mommy" sambil peluk i.
Few days ago when my husband pick him up from school ,he told me that on the way back home,
Hz was holding Mr hubs hp, and scroll my picture and said " I miss u mommy" sambil cium hp tu.

It really break my heart when i heard that.
He miss us being together as a family but he knows that he have to sacrifice the feelings for a while
While mommy and baby 'fighting' thru this battle.

Al- Quran surah 2 verse 153:
Allah is with those who have patient.

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