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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

IfTHOR for Ramadhan 2014

When you already have your own family and work, its soo hard to gather everyone at the same time.. Coz sometimes when you are free, ada kekawan yang tak free.. So to find right times to hang out together sometimes sgtlah mustahil . But whatever it is, I love ramadhan not only bcoz its a holy month, but at last i get find some time to hang out with them.. Macam dh jadi tradisi annual iftar memang menda wajib that we all looking forward and the same time to catch up update plus stories about all my friends..

1) Iftar with my close friends plus celebrating our darling Adilah birthday at Serai, Empire. Alhamdulilah, despite we all dh jarang lepak together i think this Ramadhan it brings all of us together again.

2) Iftar with my Uitm sweethearts at Havoc Bistro, Kampung Bharu. And off course with our favourite meal, Big mouth roti john!!  It was a good catch up to plan our annual girls trip and also our big project trip for 2015. Ohh i just can wait..

3) Iftar at Ain's place plus project kuih rays.. Eventho its a last minute plan like 3pm baru decide tapi memang seronok coz we all cooked together nasi ayam, cream caramel , poppa cheese and yang paling best, its our first time buat chocolate chips bergantung pada recipe my sil  without any experience. Its soo funny when everyone so panic takut kuih bentat ke later..

4) Iftar with the family is the best !! Get to spend time with my in laws almost every weekend and the best menu masa birthday mil makan masak lomak all the way from Wati corner, Nilai.. Till now still terbayang ikan patin masak lomak den...

And off course buka puasa paling chaos with my boys at Tony Romas. With the help of y younger brother, alhamdulillah we make it thru with the most 'havoc' boys while having our iftar. Boys will be boys but whatever it is they are my happiness..!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hari raya 2013


Raya was simple but very meaningful and happening..This year its my turn and my family decide to beraya at my sil's kampung at Kuala Pilah.. Its was super duper fun raya at kampung compare to last year kt KL..Coz suasana kt kpg mmg lain sgt from kl..

Spend a lot of time together with family and at the same time had tonnes of superlicious and great food.. Kitaorg blk pilah a day before raya and sampai je for iftar on last day of ramadhan,panjang meja fulls of foods..And off course masak lomak den penuh satu meja.. yummy!! And thr best part,malam raya perang mercun dgn org kampung sebelah..Mmmg happening ..!!

For more pictures and latest update,feel free to follow me on instagram @zettyzaihasra..

Last but not least,Salam aidilfitri  Maaf zahir dan batin...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Medan trip with my uni girls

Went to medan last month for our gurls trip.. it was soo fun tho.At last release my stress and spend time wif my besties.. We all dulu berkwn since zaman diploma and masa tu smua first time jauh from family.. alhamdulillah dipertemukan dgn these 3 amazing gurls yg sama2 susah senang together and we managed to survive 3 yrs kt kawasan jin tendang,segamat.. it was a best memories i had with them..from sweet to worst and plg xleh lupa accident dlm uitm segamat..Topic plg hangat among budak segamat time tu camne we all accident.haha..

Nway,it was my first time to medan,and ni idea ms ain sbb dia dh slalu pergi and we got the best ever deal from firefly which is rm 180 return so terus book until masa nk fly tu smua tertanya why kita gi medan,we should go to bangkok or jakarta..haha..

Honestly dis was the best ever trip with my gurls.. Medan mmg awesome k.. if nk shopping compare to jakarta or bandung,medan xbyk choice sgt and a bit pricey (tak byk choice pun we all overload siap byk penalty kt airport), but medan mmg tempat to relax n chill..I dont know for other people but for us mmg totally yes! Foods mmg teramat sedap and the spa is marvelos..

Will update about the hotel we stayed,spa and tempat mkn best at medan later.. meanwhile enjoy the pics and eill update soon after i finish appoitment..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Double babyshower for my dearest BFF

The best part of being pregnant not only you can eat watever u craving for, alwiz be the priority (cut lines,get a seat in lrt etc) but also being cherish and feels the loves around you.. Both of my very dear close friend are expecting their first child..And being such a darling friends( chewah ! ) so we decided to do a double babyshower for both of them. Due to the preggors super duper busy schedule, so we decide to do it just a simple but meaningful babyshower..Bak kata Adilah, 'yang penting babyshower ni is the present!! '.. ( penat me and shon angkut hadiah u alls tau )

The theme for the babyshower is bunny,color code purple n yellow..Since Ira just giving birth to a beautiful Lily Zahra,so we plan for a brunch but as usual end up a lunch..But the most important,all of us gather together n happy happy..;) and the best part,we all semua kena record a video message to the mummies to be,klakar bila tgk video semsua orang..And the most touching,off course wishes from the hubby to the mummy to be...Soo sweet..

Two glowing mom to be, Izrin espected to have Christmas baby and Adilah Gong Xi Fa Cai baby..

Parents to be..Cant wait to welcome all of u to the sleepless night...hihi..

Wishing both of you a smooth delivery and Insyallah dipermudahkan...Hz, Durrah and Lily cant wait to have their new playdate..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

KeiNginan atau kemahuan

When we talk about wedding preparation,sure ramai yg pening course yg paling utama is the budget la kan..dgn harga barang semua yg dah naik plus with all the info and picture of beautiful wedding,siapa yg tak nak to have a perfect wedding kan...

Tp before nk enter the wedding phase,ikut adat melayu macam2 phase yg kena ikut..from merisik,bertunang,nikah,malam berinai kecik n besar and lastly bersanding...tepuk dada tanya selera..ada juga yg risik biasa then terus nikah..ada juga yg nk go thru all the event sbb yerlah this thing happen once in our life. Tp semua ni bergantung,ada yg bakal pengantin nk yg simple tp parents nk extravaganza..or ada jugak bakalpengantin takmau tunang nk risik je tp keluarga pihak lagi satu nk for me the most important things ialah berbincang..cause i selalu dgr (even me having this prob masa nk kahwin) ramai bakal pengantin tak sependapat dgn their parents...and ada jugak yg kata 'i pun confuse,this is my wedding but the decision mostly from my parents include the guest pun,ni wedding i ke wedding parents i'..yes,it sounds funny but its true..

Masa my time dulu,my parents let me to decide what i want..and they dont mind if no bertunang only merisik,but i want to go thru the 'darah manis' phase..for me i think that,bertunang is the ladies punya event..coz lelaki hanya dtg after the event selesai for its more like the girls things, for my ipinion la kan..coz ada jugak i tgk nowdays lelaki ada time the event and ada sesi sarung cincin from the bride's parents to the tepuk dada tanya selera.but if nk buat camne pun tak kisiahla kan coz the main things to announce and share the happiness with family and friends untuk megeratkan silaturrahim...

Merisik -14 march 2009
Bertunang - 18 april 2009

Honestly,i alwiz love my engagement and i think its too special n personal for me..

My engagement ring same design with mr hubs wedding ring..Simple but meaningfull..

My best girls..heart them soo much and hope this last forever..:) time ni mostly still anak dara and tunggu masa dipetik dari laman bunga..chewah!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Needle & Stitches - Online shopping

Recently my sis in law n my fren baru launch a new website for online shopping..Even tho website still new n belum official launch,so far their first batch already sold out, and the best part now they all tengah restock and will launch their second batch by this week..All the tops and tudung are up to date n trendy..dan yg paling penting the price is very reasonable and they do free delivery...Wah! Just click apa yg you berkenan di hati and zass will be at your doorstep asap..As easy as that..

Their facebook page 'Needle & Stitches and instagram 'needlenstitches'..Just like their fb page n follow them k... Will update once they launch their website..

Happy shopping..

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Superwomen on super hectic weekend

Last weekend was super tiring..with mr hubs yg demam almost for a week,open houses,birthday parties and preparing baby shower for my bff..honestly,i pun tak ingat my birthday that weekend coz too busy with soo many stuff..

Setelah ditapis,i only accept few invitation je on sunday, tu pun left me with 3 open houses,2 birthday parties without mr hubs and a wedding at night..monday pagi2 dah bangun masak rendang ayam for my bff's babyshower then off to ara dsara to prepare.then off to 1 pb appointment at tropicana,singgah umah in law,yet that nite couldnt sleep well coz i have to monitor my husband which his temperature still 38c almost a week...Fuh! I feel like a superwomen kejap n now i know how hard to be a wifey,mother,daugher n friends..Honestly im not complaining but im just proud n wonder how i do it...

Lets the pic do the talking,here some snaps yg sempat i amik...

Tristan superhero party at bsc,bangsar

Tok nani with her 2 cucu's', hazrieq n barr

Thanks for inviting us sis...hz had soo much fun..

At night,mr hubs's cousin wedding at Concorde,Shah Alam.

The newlyweds,congratulations..To the bride,welcome to twj's of emcee's note that the groom jatuh cinta to the bride sbb sepanjang they all couple more than 5yrs,the bride tak suka merajuk..Wah! Untungnya..need to know the bride's secret..;p

With beloved sis in law,wanee and cousin,fariha..

Twj's family...

Hamdan's ladies....

I love everything about the wedding esp bila tuan punya blog can wear kebaya songket that i wore on my wedding...*blush*

So next day,off to suprise baby shower for my bff,zahira

Us writing notes to the parents to be n lil lz...

It suppose to be a brunch party, but surprise punya pasal, mom tobe surprise us n make us waited till 2pm...but its all worth it to see her face when we surprise her..nasib tak teberanak kt situ.huhu.. "

Another surprise from all of us, changing table that she dream off...with precious notes from all of us (pulse hz too)..

Perut sudah lapar,abis snap pics skit,semua lari sebu all the suppose to be a brunch party nasi lemak daun pisang,rendang ayam,sambal kerang,telur goreng,deserts...

Mr hubs hanya mampu tengok je coz still not fully recover so he missed all the super licious foods..;p

Cheers...,! We did it shoan as organiser..later kena buat postmotem meeting..

Cant wait for lil lz.. Next baby shower for mama yien n mama dyla...
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