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Friday, August 14, 2015


Seriously people around me always see me an independent lady, strong, and whtever type.
But seriously its not easy for me handle things.
Im not a superwomen, im just an ordinary normal women,
who have feelings but its just that i dont really express my feelings with others.
Yes, im the type yang jenis secretive and only share with some certain ppl yg i comfortable.

To tell the truth, with this test i got from Him masa 2nd pregnancy ni i cant handle it
In my every doa, i alwiz doa that Allah will give me strength physical  and mental to face his test,
Coz i know he wont test his umat if they can handle it,
Kata orang sakit adalah penghapus dosa.
Everything happen for a reason and always believe in qada & qadar.

Today genap 7 hari im bed rest at hospital.
Im ok staying alone here without being accompanied by anyone.
Im ok sleeping atas katil keras ni.
Im ok with hospital food,
Im ok takleh active jalan kesana kemari n kena naik wheel chair,
Being apart with my husband especially my son really makes me....
Tahla susah nk cakap feelings tu.
Only Allah knows.

After 5 days being apart from my Hz, at last yesterday my family bawak dia to hospital to visit me after school.
Makin montel mommy tgk anak mommy .
I know he miss me soo much so do me.
when i ask him "did you miss me"
He answered "yes, i miss you mommy" sambil peluk i.
Few days ago when my husband pick him up from school ,he told me that on the way back home,
Hz was holding Mr hubs hp, and scroll my picture and said " I miss u mommy" sambil cium hp tu.

It really break my heart when i heard that.
He miss us being together as a family but he knows that he have to sacrifice the feelings for a while
While mommy and baby 'fighting' thru this battle.

Al- Quran surah 2 verse 153:
Allah is with those who have patient.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

IfTHOR for Ramadhan 2014

When you already have your own family and work, its soo hard to gather everyone at the same time.. Coz sometimes when you are free, ada kekawan yang tak free.. So to find right times to hang out together sometimes sgtlah mustahil . But whatever it is, I love ramadhan not only bcoz its a holy month, but at last i get find some time to hang out with them.. Macam dh jadi tradisi annual iftar memang menda wajib that we all looking forward and the same time to catch up update plus stories about all my friends..

1) Iftar with my close friends plus celebrating our darling Adilah birthday at Serai, Empire. Alhamdulilah, despite we all dh jarang lepak together i think this Ramadhan it brings all of us together again.

2) Iftar with my Uitm sweethearts at Havoc Bistro, Kampung Bharu. And off course with our favourite meal, Big mouth roti john!!  It was a good catch up to plan our annual girls trip and also our big project trip for 2015. Ohh i just can wait..

3) Iftar at Ain's place plus project kuih rays.. Eventho its a last minute plan like 3pm baru decide tapi memang seronok coz we all cooked together nasi ayam, cream caramel , poppa cheese and yang paling best, its our first time buat chocolate chips bergantung pada recipe my sil  without any experience. Its soo funny when everyone so panic takut kuih bentat ke later..

4) Iftar with the family is the best !! Get to spend time with my in laws almost every weekend and the best menu masa birthday mil makan masak lomak all the way from Wati corner, Nilai.. Till now still terbayang ikan patin masak lomak den...

And off course buka puasa paling chaos with my boys at Tony Romas. With the help of y younger brother, alhamdulillah we make it thru with the most 'havoc' boys while having our iftar. Boys will be boys but whatever it is they are my happiness..!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hari raya 2013


Raya was simple but very meaningful and happening..This year its my turn and my family decide to beraya at my sil's kampung at Kuala Pilah.. Its was super duper fun raya at kampung compare to last year kt KL..Coz suasana kt kpg mmg lain sgt from kl..

Spend a lot of time together with family and at the same time had tonnes of superlicious and great food.. Kitaorg blk pilah a day before raya and sampai je for iftar on last day of ramadhan,panjang meja fulls of foods..And off course masak lomak den penuh satu meja.. yummy!! And thr best part,malam raya perang mercun dgn org kampung sebelah..Mmmg happening ..!!

For more pictures and latest update,feel free to follow me on instagram @zettyzaihasra..

Last but not least,Salam aidilfitri  Maaf zahir dan batin...

Friday, February 22, 2013

HZ 2nd birthday celebration

I loves february...why? Cause its a love month!! No ! Not bcoz im celebrationg valentine's day, mmg dari dulu i tak minat to celebrate it..But bcoz this month is my little man birthday celebration..
And lebih berkay,his birthday on friday which is a very good day and penghulu segala hari...

Rasa mcm baru je i deliver him and now he already a toddler sekelip mata..Ada jugak org ckp kt i ,'all the best mummy,welcome to teribble two,' ..for me,no such thing as terible two or watsoever,i totally tak agree coz i think cam doakan tak baik pulak utk anak kita..anak yg aktif or naughty is normal esp for boys is just how we manage and didik them..We are the first role model that they will see and follow...

Nway,on his birthday my husband took a leave,so we start with taking the birthday boy to his favorite place for breakfast..its non other than,Mcd..i know mesti org cam mcd je? But thats his fav place and gi mcd main slides mmg buat dia the most happiest boy! I dunno why he dont really interested in kidsland,i think maybe dia confuse coz besar and byk sgt mainan kot.haha..But watever it is he really enjoy his birthday breakfast...

Balik umah,his favorite cousin ever dtg umah with a cake mummyE bought a night before ,so they sing and blow the cake together..i thought i want to buy another cake,but considering ppl in my hs not really a cake fan ( kek tu pun semua org mkn one slice only! ), so maybe later will buy him a new cake so dat he can blow his birthday cake following month...

As usual,for birthday the whole family went out for a dinner and we choose Bangkok house in Pj..thefoods is fantastic and the most important,all my family mmebers are there and its our first ever dinner togehter for 2013..Dah feb baru sempat nk dinner sekali due to my dad and brother yg super busy esp the PRU coming soon ni..

The end of the day,birthday boy sgt happy and im soo bless to have my family to celebrate his birthday..nothing beats the joy being close to your family..

To HZ, nothing i want from you..Just be anak yg soleh and berguna pd agama,bangsa and negara...Mummy and ayah loves you soo much and no one can deny that...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Indonesian maid - permit or no permit ?

Having a maid ni mcm its a must for every houses epsecially for working mom.But with so many issue and cases about the maid sometimes buat orang takut to leave house or children with maid only without supervision.

So far my maid dh dkt almost 2 yrs sama umur wif my son..and masa mula dapat maid mmgla susah nk create the trust,and find the mutual understanding..biasalah macam kita mula2 bercinta,nk cari the chemistry tupun bukan senang kan..Tp wif maid ni,apa yg experience mmg kena banyak sangat bersabar and xleh terlampau baik or garang sgt with them coz the end of the day they still a human being and kita pun ni tak mau dia buat yg tak elok to our house and children kan..

Masa mula i dpt maid and tinggalkn hz just with the maid masa he is only 2mths+ right after my pantang, tp time tu my mom was here to monitor..and later we all pasang cctv to monitor the maid.For me,i mmg tak suka nk monitor th cctv coz nanti sure i yg akan sakit i let my husband n my brother to handle it. awal2 mmg byk menda yg i tak sefahaman with maid,and my maid pulak semua keja rumah tak reti buat,im not sure whether saje2 buat tak tau or mmg tak tau..Percaya tak mula2 sampai goreng telur pun tak reti..masyallah! Tp,lama2 adalah jugak dia buat perangai tp i still bertahan coz she really take care of my son n sayang him and my son pun quite attach with her,so tutup mata sebelah jerlah..maka baju send to dobi,i cook for family even for her, lipat balik baju semua, susun sendiri brg dapur after groceries shop etc..

Ok to make it short,i decide to send her back..At first plan to send her back for good,tp suddenly she request to go back for 1 mth holiday n request to come back..i pun xpikir panjang trus la book her flight ticket without realising mr hubs LUPA to renew her this is where all the drama begin...

We Call imigration to ask camne,and they said my maid overstay n kena bayar penalty which is rm30 per day from expired date (her expired date on 31 march and now dh masuk dec,u can do the calculation by ur self)...masa dgr amount penalty,mmg la nk pengsankan..and my friend suggest one more way is to pay around rm500 camtu,she can go back tp nama dia blakclist nk masuk msia for i told my maid and she agree,n kata she will come back and cari cara (diaorg ni kan pandai can redo their paspport tukar namala,umur la)..

Maka kami pun ke imigresen at Putrajaya and dgn pengawai imigration are not soo helpful and kerek (cant blame them coz everyday penat layan kerenah warga asing ni), and they said we have to go to indonesian embassy to take surat SLP ke apatah..sumthing like surat can send her back which cost only rm18..sampai embassy,ya allah tetiba rasa mcm di jakarta,penuh indonesian n i pun tetibe jd migrain.hehe..And kt sana makes me realise patutla ramai maid indonesian lari xkisah tinggalkan passport or permit sbb later bila diaorg nk balik they can just go to their kedutaan,report passport hilang (without need to show any police report ke apa), pay rm18,dah dpt surat pulang ke negara asal..omg! This is no unair to majikan k!! So after all the drama,kami pulang dengan tgn kosong coz i cant take the SLP coz my maid ada permit n passport lambat lg nak tak nak i have to pay for the penalty which cost us a bomb..

Tetibe,makes me realise baik tak payah buat permit maid,sbb bila dia lari dahla majikan kena bayar rm250 sebagai denda maid lari, and if lambat renew permit kena dena lagi, so baik tak payah ada permit coz bayar je rm500, so they can go back to their country happily ever after bawak duit berjuta-juta...

But watever it is, we did pay for the penalty+ renew permit+ gaji tertunggak maid which cost us more than 10k..i cant withdraw my asb coz Dec tgh kira dividen, and nk dibuat cerita yesterday is a payday for bonus pb,and i cant thankful Allah mempermudahkan n give me rezeki doin pb biz..if not because of my premium beautiful business,im sure my maid dah menangis everyday cant go back to indonesia sbb majikannya enggak cukup wang..hehe..

So the end of the day,maid ku akan selamat pulang bercuti and hopefully she will come back on January..Insyallah..😄

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anak sulung

I havent write anything details about my lil hero,and bila tgk kt lilypipie birthday countdown kt blog ni,tetiba rasa cam , cepatnya masa berlalu..hz goin to be 2 year less than 4 mths..masyallah,time flies n i pun xrealise masa bila dia membesar dgn cepatnya...

To think back when he was still baby,ya allah susahnya nk jaga masa pantang..40 days of pantang mmg really a disaster for me,hz is a colic baby and mlm langsung tak tido..nk i dukung duduk je all the time..if letak je atas tilam,he will cry and it really stressful for us first time parent..In fact my parents pun risau dia selalu nangis,and the only thing make him relax bila we all bukak air paip or air terjun..maybe bunyi air buat dia rasa cam dlm perut i kata..but alhamdulillah,after 44 days,he such a good boy,senang jaga n dh tak meragam lg...cuma i have problem breastfeeding direct to him but i manage to fully pump n give him fully breastmilk for 10mths..honestly, being a working mother n kena pump all the time mmg lg susah dari mothers yg direct breastfeed to their babies..nntla i buat special entry about my breastfeeding journey...

Some notes on what hazrieq ziyaad can do at 20 mths ;

-he talks soo much now,dah pakai panggil mimi (supposely mummy), ayah,atok,nani,barr,mama,che sue,hafiz,hanif,yaya

-if he wants something dh pakai minta ckp nak or nanak..n if haus pandai suruh i amik air, or susu..dah pandai describe to me mmg sgt penting n senang la skit cam if sakit,hot,sejuk,duduk,yayak ( kencing or poo poo smua yayak for him) ,jatuh, bom bom (tido)

-sgtla hyper active esp bila his cousin dtg umah,jatuh or terhantuk pun nangsi kejap for 5 secs pastu sambung main blk

-makan mcm2 dh skrang,nasi ayam and masak lomak,mee mmg his favorite tp choc n ice cream i still monitor xleh mkn selalu..and now dh pandai gigit makan burger..

-makan pakai tangan xmau pakai sudu,abis bersepah

-slalu berebut ipad dgn i,if kita tgh guna ipad time tulah,'nak ipad' sambil berebut amik ipad from my hands

-dulu one time suka sgt barney,24 hrs barney sampai ada one time ngigau kul 3 pagi suruh pasang barney joget2 pastu tido suka sgt toy story n xabis2 sebut woody and bila kita ckp 'buzz lightyear infinity and ....' dia akan sambung 'eyon( beyond)

-sayang sgt kt bibik dia,last raya haji bibik outing tido umah seara dia yg over emo..bila tanya bibik gi mana,dia akan jwb 'raya'..and usual bila bibik tau pasal tu bibik la yg paling emo rindu2 dua malam xjumpa hz.

-teramatla suka motor,kt jalan nampak motor je sebut 'apis' (sbb my bro bwk motor)..and now dh tau lori,car,motor,bus (dia pangil round round abb lagu wheel on the bus) bila naik kea bisingla suruh i sama2 tgk n sebut smmua vehicle yg aa atas jln.

-still with his pacifier esp time tidur..tak tau camne nk kasi putus pcifier ni...

-suka nyanyi n joget2 esp lagu oppa ganyam..and sumtimes bila we all tgk adam hawa,time theme song dia akan ckp 'cintaaaa'..

-clingy and my number one fan..if i ada kt umah je asyik nak menepek je ngan mummy..if mandi pun,sampai halau2 bibik kluar toilet nk i sorang j mandikan dia..

- gigi masih 4 atas 2 kt bwh,tah bila nk tambah gigi nak oi...

Books cuma suka books yg ada animal n vehicles saje..

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Salam aidiladha

Salam Aidiladha to all..

Alhamdulillah we get to celebrate aidiladha again this year..Just a normal celebration and as usual the highlight  of course the food galore that ive been waiting for..Just name it,nasi arab,rendang,sate,kuah lodeh and also bakso...hehehe..Hope i didnt gain much weight..

This aidiladha a lil bit special bcoz i got to do qurban for the first time using my own money..Alhamdulillah...Me & Mr Hubs decide to give our qurban to fakir miskin in Kemboja thru my family's ustaz...Hopefully more rezeki to come and i can share it with people yg memerlukan..Insyallah...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Superwomen on super hectic weekend

Last weekend was super tiring..with mr hubs yg demam almost for a week,open houses,birthday parties and preparing baby shower for my bff..honestly,i pun tak ingat my birthday that weekend coz too busy with soo many stuff..

Setelah ditapis,i only accept few invitation je on sunday, tu pun left me with 3 open houses,2 birthday parties without mr hubs and a wedding at night..monday pagi2 dah bangun masak rendang ayam for my bff's babyshower then off to ara dsara to prepare.then off to 1 pb appointment at tropicana,singgah umah in law,yet that nite couldnt sleep well coz i have to monitor my husband which his temperature still 38c almost a week...Fuh! I feel like a superwomen kejap n now i know how hard to be a wifey,mother,daugher n friends..Honestly im not complaining but im just proud n wonder how i do it...

Lets the pic do the talking,here some snaps yg sempat i amik...

Tristan superhero party at bsc,bangsar

Tok nani with her 2 cucu's', hazrieq n barr

Thanks for inviting us sis...hz had soo much fun..

At night,mr hubs's cousin wedding at Concorde,Shah Alam.

The newlyweds,congratulations..To the bride,welcome to twj's of emcee's note that the groom jatuh cinta to the bride sbb sepanjang they all couple more than 5yrs,the bride tak suka merajuk..Wah! Untungnya..need to know the bride's secret..;p

With beloved sis in law,wanee and cousin,fariha..

Twj's family...

Hamdan's ladies....

I love everything about the wedding esp bila tuan punya blog can wear kebaya songket that i wore on my wedding...*blush*

So next day,off to suprise baby shower for my bff,zahira

Us writing notes to the parents to be n lil lz...

It suppose to be a brunch party, but surprise punya pasal, mom tobe surprise us n make us waited till 2pm...but its all worth it to see her face when we surprise her..nasib tak teberanak kt situ.huhu.. "

Another surprise from all of us, changing table that she dream off...with precious notes from all of us (pulse hz too)..

Perut sudah lapar,abis snap pics skit,semua lari sebu all the suppose to be a brunch party nasi lemak daun pisang,rendang ayam,sambal kerang,telur goreng,deserts...

Mr hubs hanya mampu tengok je coz still not fully recover so he missed all the super licious foods..;p

Cheers...,! We did it shoan as organiser..later kena buat postmotem meeting..

Cant wait for lil lz.. Next baby shower for mama yien n mama dyla...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hz first trip to zoo negara

I think most of kids mmg suka sgt do my son,so few mths back in may ,me n sil decided to bring the kids to zoo..we went on weekdays coz if weekend sure ramai org,n our decision to go on weekdays mmg marvelous..Not only tak ramai sgt org,the kids really enjoy themselves even cuaca panas..Well,not only the kids,the adults pun really had a blast...Dulu masa i buat broadcasting,i alwiz go to zoo sampai pernah satu hari shoot at the zoo till 3am!! time tu balik rumah pun badan dh bau zoo..huhu..such a memories,good old days... Tp dis time,the trip was soo special n meaningfull coz i already have a kid,n this is hz first trip to zoo negara..wuhuu...

Ok hz,btulkan rambut dulu baru hencem..

Hz hanya menurut perintah barr..

Alright boys,dh hencem lets go!!

Yey, show dh start...

The show around half an hour review for the show okla tp rasanya banyak lg the zoo management boleh improve..i guess masa i gi night safari kt singapore lg best kot the show more lively n tak major thing yang zoo negara have to improve is the sound system.

Our first animal we all tgk is bear.time ni mmg best sbb zoo's staff tgh nak kasi bear macam2 aksi we all dpt tgk..mmg best! And after that,the kids tak panggil bear dah,keep on panggil 'boy' sbb zoo's staff tu panggil boy..

Soo cute! 'boy' tgh buat aksi bye bye..not only the kids yg excited,the moms lgla terlebih excited.

Omg! Im soo fat!! Sila abaikan kebesaran mummy hz yer,time ni blum try pb lg yer..huhuhu.

Panas terik ni makan jelly mmg sedap yer....beria2 this 2 boys makan jelly....

We had the chance kasi elephant nephew soo berani n tak takut langsung..soo proud of him..hz time ni duk jauh2..maybe dia pelik kot tgk belalai elephant pjg sgt..

Sunggu kusyuk anakku tgk giraffe.. Dari jauh beranila nk panggil giraffe,gi dekat trus takut..;p

Overall the trip was good..cuma time we all pegi ada minor renovation so agak berhabuk and the signage not really clear..i think from the last time i went to zoo last 5yrs ago compare to now tak banyak beza..sama jer..i think the zoo need to do something nk kasi zoo negara lg menarik in the for mothers yg bawak kids,pls bring water,baby wipes,stroller .and if posible makanla dulu before dtg sini coz tak byk choice of food,only small stalls yg jual makanan ringan and the only fast food pun marry brown( i prefer kfc in zoo like old days masa i still a kid)...but overall hz first trip was a blast and he really had soo much fun esp with his cousin..looking forward for the next 'educational' trip, to aquaria klcc..(not sure when,kena tunggu mummy n mummy e free.hehe)...

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