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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Placenta previa di Hospital Putrajaya

Pengalaman pregnant anak ke 2 ni betul2 menguji mental and fizikal kami sekeluarga.
Dari mula pregnant dgn morning sickness, then akhir trimester ken warded for 15 hari di hospital before delivery.
 Bak cerita pasal my kes placenta previa ni mmg panjang.
Discover that my placenta low masa 22 weeks. Time ni baru balik umrah and do details scan.
But Dr cakap too early coz placenta akan berbahaya baik but if until 30 weeks still placenta remain low so chances of placenta previa are quite high,chima tak tau mana jer..

Seriously in not sure mcm mana blh placenta previa ni,coz my first baby deliver normal,I dun smoke or drink,I'm below 35 bla bla..
Tp dh kuasa Allah so redha jerla.
I rasa maybe I terlebih aktif esp during umrah, bak kata my BFF time tu tamak pahala and mana datang energy pn tak tau.
But overall Allah permudahkan my umrah.

On 32 weeks, me and husband went to Umra Hospital untuk buat details scan lagi. Sb I nk recon firm btol ke placenta low. After scan , dr confirm it's placenta previa and he suggest to follow up at government hops bcoz if nk beranak kt Umra facilities dia tak cukup.
Time tu Dr Niraj explain that my placenta mcm time bom,anytime boleh explode and can cause bleeding. bila bleeding tu yang bahaya.So dia suruh buat Buku merah asap sb time tu less than a week nak raya.

Tp masih degil and continue check up with Dr Siti sjmc.
Then my Jiran ask me to seek for another opinion and to Columbia Asia Puchong we go jumpa Dr Raja Juhaidah.
Went to see her and after scan, she said mcm placenta accreta pulak.Something like placenta melekat di pundi kencing. And she said she cannot take my case takut bleeding byk time delivery and facilities at Columbia Puchong xde their own blood bank.
She terus buat Surat to refer hospital putrajaya immediately.

So bermulalah my end of trimester at Hospital Putrajaya.
Dr Juhaidah refer me to Dr Wan Hazim which is the head of o&g and only male specialist o&g di hpj.
Suspens jgk masa gi Hospital Putrajya and it's my first time at govt hospital and to my surprise service at Hpj mmg tip top..
All the staffs and nurses mmg baik sgt.
Takdela mcm orang cakap nurse at govt hops garland or whatsoever,I ni dh la xde Buku merah only depends on reference letter and copy of my medical report pun diary layan elok.

So nk dipendek kan cerita,Dr Hazim said its confirm placenta previa stage 3 and I kena warded till delivery for monitoring.
Went to see him on Tuesday and pattnya warded immediately but Dr Hazim kasi 'kelonggaran' so I kena warded on Saturday afternoon.

So this is my room, alhamdulillah dapat first class single room.
Upon register kena deposit Rm 800, sb me and husband are not govt servant
My room Rm 80/per day only.
Bilik besar,bersih (cleaner Akan cuci bilik 3x per day),own toilet and ada tv.
In fact I think my rooms much better and cleaner than single room at sjmc kecuali tilam keras skitla.
For the first 4 days mmg makam nasi and lauk for lunch and dinner sampan mmg dh bosan,
Then Baru I can order ala carte menu (include in package) so ada lagi dptla makam chicken chop,fish n chip,me kari (sedan jgk makanan hops,not bad).
Cuma Yerla boring jugak duk sorang coz takleh Jln byk if nk turun jumpa my son kt bawah orang kena amok I bak turun nail wheelchair.

After a week plus,I dh nk start give up.Boring and same routine every day.
Nurse will check every 3 hrs to check bp and baby's heartbeat. 2 hari sekali Akan buat ctg scan in the morning.
Sometimes kena amik darah for sample.

Ingt lagi few days before I deliver my baby,me mmg.  rasa down sangat.
Hati meronta nk keluar jejalan and byk lg barang baby tak settle.
I cried a bucket to my husband coz I miss my son n home so much.
Sib baik almost every day visiting hours ada je datang visit.
Husband,my family and close friends datang soap bekelah beak food I ngidam.

Overall I mmg sangat happy dengan service and facilities at Hpj.
Dari nurses to cleaner to adik hangar foods semua dh jadi Kawan. Siap kekadang mintak tlg belikan barang and foods.
Alhamdulilla,I'm well taken care there by doctors and nurses.
Nurses semua sangat friendly,tak garang, helpful.
Bravo to all doctors and nurses at Wad 2A ,Hospital Putrajaya.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Seriously people around me always see me an independent lady, strong, and whtever type.
But seriously its not easy for me handle things.
Im not a superwomen, im just an ordinary normal women,
who have feelings but its just that i dont really express my feelings with others.
Yes, im the type yang jenis secretive and only share with some certain ppl yg i comfortable.

To tell the truth, with this test i got from Him masa 2nd pregnancy ni i cant handle it
In my every doa, i alwiz doa that Allah will give me strength physical  and mental to face his test,
Coz i know he wont test his umat if they can handle it,
Kata orang sakit adalah penghapus dosa.
Everything happen for a reason and always believe in qada & qadar.

Today genap 7 hari im bed rest at hospital.
Im ok staying alone here without being accompanied by anyone.
Im ok sleeping atas katil keras ni.
Im ok with hospital food,
Im ok takleh active jalan kesana kemari n kena naik wheel chair,
Being apart with my husband especially my son really makes me....
Tahla susah nk cakap feelings tu.
Only Allah knows.

After 5 days being apart from my Hz, at last yesterday my family bawak dia to hospital to visit me after school.
Makin montel mommy tgk anak mommy .
I know he miss me soo much so do me.
when i ask him "did you miss me"
He answered "yes, i miss you mommy" sambil peluk i.
Few days ago when my husband pick him up from school ,he told me that on the way back home,
Hz was holding Mr hubs hp, and scroll my picture and said " I miss u mommy" sambil cium hp tu.

It really break my heart when i heard that.
He miss us being together as a family but he knows that he have to sacrifice the feelings for a while
While mommy and baby 'fighting' thru this battle.

Al- Quran surah 2 verse 153:
Allah is with those who have patient.

Manggi mee mr hubby


Well its been a quite stressful and challenging month for me.. Have some complications with my 2nd pregnancy but nothing so serious. Alhamdulillah i still can handle it and my baby are fine And now im on bed rest at government hospital. Yes gi check up since i knew im pregnant at Sjmc but end up insyallah will deliver my baby in government hospital. A very long story. Will do an entry of it and publish dunt know when. Actually dh draft the entry, its just that im not ready to post it. I just draft it for my own reference in the future pasal my journey 2nd pregnancy ni.

Now almost 6 days bed rest kt sini. Nasib baik dapat bilik single so okla sikit. Takdela rasa cm kepam jer kan. And surprisingly the nurses at govt hospital ni mostly very nice in fact better nurse dari kt sjmc privte yg i pernah gi dullu.

First time sejak kahwin being apart this long with Mr Hubs
Tula bila dekat selalu gadoh,bila jauh rindu to the max.
Well sepanjang kahwin,i discover Mr hubs obviously not a good cooker.
Sometimes ada la jgk effort dia akan buat english breakfast on weekend,
tapi mmg penuh sink dgn kuali semuawpun hanya masak scramble egg,hotdog & mushroom soups.
But , the effort that counts.
And suddenly  i miss his cooking while kat hospital.
Yerla duduk saje tak buat apakan bed rest, and bilik aircond sejuk gila,
Ish.. if makan manggi mesti sedap.

Well to tell the truth, Mr hubs makes the best maggi ever.
I buat mesti tak jadi manggi dia buat.
Air dia just nice, kuah tak cair sgt,tak pekat sgt,
Telur pun tak masak sgt n just nice. medium well.
While typing this pun ku dh terliur.

So maka this pregnant lady yang alone in the room jadi emo la kejap,
Facetime my hubby mengadu ngidam nk makan manggi
Ngadu sambil kesat air mata #emosungguh
Tapi tak mo yang maggi in cup
Nak yang masak atas dapur and rasa cm my hubs masak.

Emo sugguh perempuan mengandung ini.
Nak dibuat cite,the next day,my mil msg cakap nk visit and ask me what i want
Terus cakap nk pinjam her travel rice cooker and manggi kari.

So last night, around 10 pm,dapatla lepaskan ngidam skit masak manggi.
Not as best as my Mr hubs buat ( well obviously) but at least sedap woo makan manggi dalam bilik sejuk gila..

Bak kata pepatah, jauh dimata dekat di hati. So always appreaciate the moments while you are together. Bila dah jauh barula rasa rindu2an walaupun masakan maggi nya...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The TWO lines


So many things i want to write about but soo limited time..

Lets start my first update the joy on beginning of 2015.. After almost 4 yrs,alhamdulillah im pregnant again.. This time pregnancy macam miracle jugak. Been trying for almost 8 mths to get pregnant ( despite kena tahan telinga with all the questions from kepochi extended families esp the anties bila nk pregnant.. if only just by click blh pregnant..hmpph), Alhamdulillah, we start our 2015 with the good news that im pregnant..

To be honest mmg ada amik jamu untuk 'melekat', and alhamdulillah terus pregnant.Syukur Ya allah and i even gave it to my bestfren and she melekat also after waiting for almost 5 yrs+ for her second child.. Both after first month consume the 'jamu'..Alhamdulilah..Memang mujarab jamu itu.. Tak sia2 ke Jakarta and bought it. Now im entering my 21 weeks ( 5 mths+ pregnancy).

Early signs pregnancy ( This one before i missed my period)

  • Asyik nk pee je all the toilet. I remember time Hz xde pun nak pee but this time,every 10 minutes terus tak tahan nk gi toilet. Masa first week i think too early pun, i susupect i pregnant terus beli 3 set pregnancy test sekaligus and all Negative.. soo frustating.. Tp maybe i check to early, yerla too excited i guess but then i waited for 2 weeks later and alhamdulillah it shows TWO LINES..  Masyallah rasa nk nangis,sebak semua ada. Coz masa 1st pregnancy we still blur and not ready but this time mmg we tried and wait for the miracle and Allah perkenankan doa .. First person off course we tell my mom and my besties.. Coz my besties yg byk support thru out time nk trying tu..

  • Perut rasa kembang n gemok.. Well mmg naturally dh gemok pun coz masa time trying everytime i stress and berangan konon dh pregnnt tp tak pregnant pun, so end up i will eat a lot..But the early sign i rasa my perut mmg rasa bloated and kembung..Bawah pusat mcm keras skit but i assume coz i eat a lot sb tak nak disappointed kononya.

  • My sense of smell mmg sangat kuat esp bau hancing toilet. Esp kt public toilet, believe it or not even before masuk pintu public toilet i can smell if the toilet bau hancing and automaticly akan rasa nk muntah.So its quite hard for me yg selau nk pi toilet and have to bear the smell of the public toilet and pernah few times sb tak tahan i even muntah sambil pee coz bau hancing. And im the only one smell the hancing even the toilet bersih and other ppl tak bau pun.

  • This time pregnancy, mmg rasa selalu penat n sleepy. Most of the time rasa nk tido and penat even doing nothing.And malas nk keluar rumah wpun hanya to pick up kids from school. For me cahaya matahari sgtla memeningkan kepala n irritating. I dunno how to eplain it but i dun like sunshine and setiap kali keluar umah rasa belengas n tak best.

  • Different from my first pregnancy, this time muka i naik jerawat yg sgt byk. Last time naik jerawat dh lama n my face dh ok but masa this pregnant i think bcoz of the hormone mmg naik byk sgt pimples esp on my forehead. Wpun takde stress but the pimples cm besar2 naik and my face soo buruk and kusam. Unlike masa preg Hz wpun i gemok but my face bersih n glowy. I dun even need a compact powder pegi office pun. But this time, bukan sahaja muka i kusam,jerawat but also my body soo kembang. Its not gemok but kembang thingy. Time hz mmg gemok up to 90 kg but badan n my face tak kembang but this time first thing my face soo kembang mcm sembab.

Well im not complaining but just sharing my experience. Betulah kata orang different pregnancy different style. But on top of it, im soo grateful and syukur for this pregnancy. This pregnancy is soo special and different coz i got to perform my first umrah dgn lancar. Syukur dipermudahkan.. Insyallah will write about my journey of umrah while pregnant in my next entry for my on reference and memories.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Medan trip - Day 1

Alhamdulillah.. This is my second trip to Medan..The previous trip with my girls friends and ever since then mmg  nk bawak sgt my family there.. I dont know about others but i love Medan..The foods, people,enviroment for semuanya best la..But for shopping i prefer Bandung or Jakarta coz the choices in Medan very limited except for batik.

So here we are, our first family trip of 2014. Actually the trip only two of us but last minute nobody can take care of Hz so just bring him along..Rezeki dia dapat ikut and thru out the trip mmg dia yang paing happy and excited to explore Medan. Semangat ni cepat2 nk update about Medan trip coz the last trip patut nk update but i totally forgot. So masa nk gi balik dh banyak tak ingat about last trip so now im save it so that in future i dah tau mana nk pegi and for my readers reference too...

We booked firefly return trip for RM 250 two weeks before the trip and Hz ticket for rm 400 book 3 days before flying. Flight from Kl to Medan only 1 hour 10 min,So mmg kejap baru pas minum juice and nk nap kejap tup tup dh sampai. Our flight delayed from 130 to 230 pm, tp delay pun tak apa coz same louge area ngan Hans Isaac.haha..

The last trip i went still airport lama in town,but this time new airport Pulau Namu jauh skit from the town around 1 hour 45 mins by car. But if by train only 37 mins, Nnt will update details about the train service from Medan town to airport in my next entry.

The airport macam klia la skit but off course klia much more better. For the locals ramai lepak kt airport and they even picnic near airport just to lepak makan sambil tengok airplane i guess.

Mr hubs arrange a supir aka driver for our trip, Around IDR 350k per day but not include fuel,tol and their meal allowance. Yes abit cheaper than my previous supir but bila tambah tolak i think sama jer price standard driver around IDR 600k per day.

We stayed at Grand Swiss Bell in Medan town.Our rezeki we got best price for superior deluxe,city view yg memang awesome especially at night with breakfast only around RM 230 per night. The same hotel masa i came last time. I love everything about this hotel. Its a 5 star hotel, bilik best, breakfast best, spa best and cheap ( just discover spa hotel ni best coz previously went to Martha Tilaar also best ). Grand Swiss Bell mmg in town and easy access to everywhere in Medan. The  have a rooftop fine dining restaurant with spectacular view of Medan,so memang sesuai if nak candle light dinner or romantika diatas.Just 5-8 mins walk to famous kedai kuih lapis Zulaikha and best nasi padang, Garuda,Next to Cambridge Shopping Complex. Mall yang macam BSC if at Msia coz mostly ada restaurant and high end people come here. Love to hang out at their Jco outdoor coz leh cuci mata tgk gaya orang kaya Indon and their cars.


So, first day sampai pun dh petang,just lepak hotel Hz swim and we just cant wait to have dinner at my most favourite place. Actually from KL i already mengidam to come back to Medan just to makan, So wajib ke Jimbaran Restaurant at Jalan Patimura , 10 mins from our hotel.

Jimbaran concept is something like Bali style and their specialty  is the grill seafood. The place mmg relaxing and they also have liveband from 9pm. So sampai makan sampai dgr liveband memangla lagi bertambah nasi di pinggan,

Hz love it soo much. Keep on saying the foods is very nice. We ordered ikan masak sambal hijau, tauhu tempe goreng,bebek bakar ( grill duck), sotong bakar and sayur. I lupa nama sayur ni but its really nice,testur macam kailan but rasa manis mcm kangkung, one of their signature dish here.Their tauhu and tempe eventho just stir fry tapi memang sedap coz their tempe is different from the one at kl. We all tak order black pepper crab bcoz Mr hubs not in mood to eat ketam but i tried it in my previous trip mmg sedap to the max, Even much more better than fatty crab. All this plus drinks and fruits for desert only rm 90. Murah kan!! And obviously worth it biarpun hancur diet.

So after dinner, just balik hotel and masa balik macet teruk, bcoz hindu celebrating Thaipusam and ada fireworks nonstop for 30 munites near our hotel. Serious rasa macam new year je coz we can enjoy it at pool area. Later, we went for 1 and half hour foot reflex which cost us only rm28. I lupa nk amik pic of the hotel spa but its  really nice and cosy, siap ada big flat screen macam dlm wayang with a super comfortable flexible chair. Nanti will update on Day 2 and 3 in Medan about what to aspect there, shopping, spa and makan place. Also will update about their new transit train straingt to Pulau Namu airport (which is really convenient).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hari raya 2013


Raya was simple but very meaningful and happening..This year its my turn and my family decide to beraya at my sil's kampung at Kuala Pilah.. Its was super duper fun raya at kampung compare to last year kt KL..Coz suasana kt kpg mmg lain sgt from kl..

Spend a lot of time together with family and at the same time had tonnes of superlicious and great food.. Kitaorg blk pilah a day before raya and sampai je for iftar on last day of ramadhan,panjang meja fulls of foods..And off course masak lomak den penuh satu meja.. yummy!! And thr best part,malam raya perang mercun dgn org kampung sebelah..Mmmg happening ..!!

For more pictures and latest update,feel free to follow me on instagram @zettyzaihasra..

Last but not least,Salam aidilfitri  Maaf zahir dan batin...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wadihana Steak House,Setapak

Bila sebut pasal makan,i mmg paling on my lil bro birthday,i give the task to mr hubs cari location tempat makan and he decide to try Wadihana Steak House at PV 128,Setapak..

At first i was quite skeptical but i let him to choose and give it a try...Coz usually for western mmg akan pergi Chillis or Friday's only.. Direction paling senang from Tawakal Hospital just go straight until u nampak building putih (shoplots  ada Chatime,Dewan Kampung Pengantin).. jgn sampai miss till Festival mall to Danau Kota tu.. Building dia next to Columbia Restaurant...

First sampai,we were greet with salam..quite surprise coz slalu tempat lain usually will greet with welcome sekuat-kuatnya kan..

So belek2 menu we order beef nachos and baked makaroni for appertizer,main course pizza,lamb shoulder,chicken sizzling, special beef brger and kids fettucine carbonara.. Balik umah esok pagi2 i dah pakai pb korset ketat-ketat kasi bakar lemak dinner..huhu...

Overall review:
1) All the foods mmg sedap same standard dgn Chilis with cheaper price and bigger portion..
2)The staffs semua friendly and the service cepat... We ask a candle letak atas our desert choc brownies with ice cream(this is sooo sedap to the max), and they surprise us with all the staffs sings happy birthday acapella style.. Not even birthday boy surprise,i pun tersurprise.
3)Parking quite pack kt area tu but ada reserved parking for their customers.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ironman 3

Ok i know its kinda outdated,baru sedar dah lama tak update blog..Been busy with soo many things.. Business pb,family  and also new project coming up.. Not sure if i have readers ke my blog ni,just want to update about my son coz its sumting special.. its his first ever movie at cinema..

Bertuah kau nak,mummy dulu first movie umur 14 yrs k,and i still remember tgk cita air force one kt cinema buruk subang parade(disamping tikus berkeliaran..eww )... Nway,since he is soo into ironman and at right time movie ironman release,so we decide to bring him for a movie.. told mr hubs amik seats hujung so dat if he cried senang nk kluar..We bought popcorn n mineral alas perut... and believe it or not,hz senyap and really concentrate with the movie till the end..siap suruh us senyap lg coz he want to concentrate watching.. alhamdulillah..

So,wats our next movie together?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New love

I just love INSTAGRAM..its a new facebook/twitter, seriously rasa cam addicted and best..Coz Xbanyak caption and its more simple than other social media..Baru je ada instagram after my sil introduce it to me,and rasa cam best pulak.hihi...

Anyway,for those ada instagram,feel free to follow me k...Cheers!

Friday, February 22, 2013

HZ 2nd birthday celebration

I loves february...why? Cause its a love month!! No ! Not bcoz im celebrationg valentine's day, mmg dari dulu i tak minat to celebrate it..But bcoz this month is my little man birthday celebration..
And lebih berkay,his birthday on friday which is a very good day and penghulu segala hari...

Rasa mcm baru je i deliver him and now he already a toddler sekelip mata..Ada jugak org ckp kt i ,'all the best mummy,welcome to teribble two,' ..for me,no such thing as terible two or watsoever,i totally tak agree coz i think cam doakan tak baik pulak utk anak kita..anak yg aktif or naughty is normal esp for boys is just how we manage and didik them..We are the first role model that they will see and follow...

Nway,on his birthday my husband took a leave,so we start with taking the birthday boy to his favorite place for breakfast..its non other than,Mcd..i know mesti org cam mcd je? But thats his fav place and gi mcd main slides mmg buat dia the most happiest boy! I dunno why he dont really interested in kidsland,i think maybe dia confuse coz besar and byk sgt mainan kot.haha..But watever it is he really enjoy his birthday breakfast...

Balik umah,his favorite cousin ever dtg umah with a cake mummyE bought a night before ,so they sing and blow the cake together..i thought i want to buy another cake,but considering ppl in my hs not really a cake fan ( kek tu pun semua org mkn one slice only! ), so maybe later will buy him a new cake so dat he can blow his birthday cake following month...

As usual,for birthday the whole family went out for a dinner and we choose Bangkok house in Pj..thefoods is fantastic and the most important,all my family mmebers are there and its our first ever dinner togehter for 2013..Dah feb baru sempat nk dinner sekali due to my dad and brother yg super busy esp the PRU coming soon ni..

The end of the day,birthday boy sgt happy and im soo bless to have my family to celebrate his birthday..nothing beats the joy being close to your family..

To HZ, nothing i want from you..Just be anak yg soleh and berguna pd agama,bangsa and negara...Mummy and ayah loves you soo much and no one can deny that...

Hallo february

Been very busyyy lately with fam,work and also business..working out on sumting and will announce here insyallah...hopd everything goes well..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Indonesian maid - permit or no permit ?

Having a maid ni mcm its a must for every houses epsecially for working mom.But with so many issue and cases about the maid sometimes buat orang takut to leave house or children with maid only without supervision.

So far my maid dh dkt almost 2 yrs sama umur wif my son..and masa mula dapat maid mmgla susah nk create the trust,and find the mutual understanding..biasalah macam kita mula2 bercinta,nk cari the chemistry tupun bukan senang kan..Tp wif maid ni,apa yg experience mmg kena banyak sangat bersabar and xleh terlampau baik or garang sgt with them coz the end of the day they still a human being and kita pun ni tak mau dia buat yg tak elok to our house and children kan..

Masa mula i dpt maid and tinggalkn hz just with the maid masa he is only 2mths+ right after my pantang, tp time tu my mom was here to monitor..and later we all pasang cctv to monitor the maid.For me,i mmg tak suka nk monitor th cctv coz nanti sure i yg akan sakit i let my husband n my brother to handle it. awal2 mmg byk menda yg i tak sefahaman with maid,and my maid pulak semua keja rumah tak reti buat,im not sure whether saje2 buat tak tau or mmg tak tau..Percaya tak mula2 sampai goreng telur pun tak reti..masyallah! Tp,lama2 adalah jugak dia buat perangai tp i still bertahan coz she really take care of my son n sayang him and my son pun quite attach with her,so tutup mata sebelah jerlah..maka baju send to dobi,i cook for family even for her, lipat balik baju semua, susun sendiri brg dapur after groceries shop etc..

Ok to make it short,i decide to send her back..At first plan to send her back for good,tp suddenly she request to go back for 1 mth holiday n request to come back..i pun xpikir panjang trus la book her flight ticket without realising mr hubs LUPA to renew her this is where all the drama begin...

We Call imigration to ask camne,and they said my maid overstay n kena bayar penalty which is rm30 per day from expired date (her expired date on 31 march and now dh masuk dec,u can do the calculation by ur self)...masa dgr amount penalty,mmg la nk pengsankan..and my friend suggest one more way is to pay around rm500 camtu,she can go back tp nama dia blakclist nk masuk msia for i told my maid and she agree,n kata she will come back and cari cara (diaorg ni kan pandai can redo their paspport tukar namala,umur la)..

Maka kami pun ke imigresen at Putrajaya and dgn pengawai imigration are not soo helpful and kerek (cant blame them coz everyday penat layan kerenah warga asing ni), and they said we have to go to indonesian embassy to take surat SLP ke apatah..sumthing like surat can send her back which cost only rm18..sampai embassy,ya allah tetiba rasa mcm di jakarta,penuh indonesian n i pun tetibe jd migrain.hehe..And kt sana makes me realise patutla ramai maid indonesian lari xkisah tinggalkan passport or permit sbb later bila diaorg nk balik they can just go to their kedutaan,report passport hilang (without need to show any police report ke apa), pay rm18,dah dpt surat pulang ke negara asal..omg! This is no unair to majikan k!! So after all the drama,kami pulang dengan tgn kosong coz i cant take the SLP coz my maid ada permit n passport lambat lg nak tak nak i have to pay for the penalty which cost us a bomb..

Tetibe,makes me realise baik tak payah buat permit maid,sbb bila dia lari dahla majikan kena bayar rm250 sebagai denda maid lari, and if lambat renew permit kena dena lagi, so baik tak payah ada permit coz bayar je rm500, so they can go back to their country happily ever after bawak duit berjuta-juta...

But watever it is, we did pay for the penalty+ renew permit+ gaji tertunggak maid which cost us more than 10k..i cant withdraw my asb coz Dec tgh kira dividen, and nk dibuat cerita yesterday is a payday for bonus pb,and i cant thankful Allah mempermudahkan n give me rezeki doin pb biz..if not because of my premium beautiful business,im sure my maid dah menangis everyday cant go back to indonesia sbb majikannya enggak cukup wang..hehe..

So the end of the day,maid ku akan selamat pulang bercuti and hopefully she will come back on January..Insyallah..😄

Sunday, November 4, 2012

KeiNginan atau kemahuan

When we talk about wedding preparation,sure ramai yg pening course yg paling utama is the budget la kan..dgn harga barang semua yg dah naik plus with all the info and picture of beautiful wedding,siapa yg tak nak to have a perfect wedding kan...

Tp before nk enter the wedding phase,ikut adat melayu macam2 phase yg kena ikut..from merisik,bertunang,nikah,malam berinai kecik n besar and lastly bersanding...tepuk dada tanya selera..ada juga yg risik biasa then terus nikah..ada juga yg nk go thru all the event sbb yerlah this thing happen once in our life. Tp semua ni bergantung,ada yg bakal pengantin nk yg simple tp parents nk extravaganza..or ada jugak bakalpengantin takmau tunang nk risik je tp keluarga pihak lagi satu nk for me the most important things ialah berbincang..cause i selalu dgr (even me having this prob masa nk kahwin) ramai bakal pengantin tak sependapat dgn their parents...and ada jugak yg kata 'i pun confuse,this is my wedding but the decision mostly from my parents include the guest pun,ni wedding i ke wedding parents i'..yes,it sounds funny but its true..

Masa my time dulu,my parents let me to decide what i want..and they dont mind if no bertunang only merisik,but i want to go thru the 'darah manis' phase..for me i think that,bertunang is the ladies punya event..coz lelaki hanya dtg after the event selesai for its more like the girls things, for my ipinion la kan..coz ada jugak i tgk nowdays lelaki ada time the event and ada sesi sarung cincin from the bride's parents to the tepuk dada tanya selera.but if nk buat camne pun tak kisiahla kan coz the main things to announce and share the happiness with family and friends untuk megeratkan silaturrahim...

Merisik -14 march 2009
Bertunang - 18 april 2009

Honestly,i alwiz love my engagement and i think its too special n personal for me..

My engagement ring same design with mr hubs wedding ring..Simple but meaningfull..

My best girls..heart them soo much and hope this last forever..:) time ni mostly still anak dara and tunggu masa dipetik dari laman bunga..chewah!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anak sulung

I havent write anything details about my lil hero,and bila tgk kt lilypipie birthday countdown kt blog ni,tetiba rasa cam , cepatnya masa berlalu..hz goin to be 2 year less than 4 mths..masyallah,time flies n i pun xrealise masa bila dia membesar dgn cepatnya...

To think back when he was still baby,ya allah susahnya nk jaga masa pantang..40 days of pantang mmg really a disaster for me,hz is a colic baby and mlm langsung tak tido..nk i dukung duduk je all the time..if letak je atas tilam,he will cry and it really stressful for us first time parent..In fact my parents pun risau dia selalu nangis,and the only thing make him relax bila we all bukak air paip or air terjun..maybe bunyi air buat dia rasa cam dlm perut i kata..but alhamdulillah,after 44 days,he such a good boy,senang jaga n dh tak meragam lg...cuma i have problem breastfeeding direct to him but i manage to fully pump n give him fully breastmilk for 10mths..honestly, being a working mother n kena pump all the time mmg lg susah dari mothers yg direct breastfeed to their babies..nntla i buat special entry about my breastfeeding journey...

Some notes on what hazrieq ziyaad can do at 20 mths ;

-he talks soo much now,dah pakai panggil mimi (supposely mummy), ayah,atok,nani,barr,mama,che sue,hafiz,hanif,yaya

-if he wants something dh pakai minta ckp nak or nanak..n if haus pandai suruh i amik air, or susu..dah pandai describe to me mmg sgt penting n senang la skit cam if sakit,hot,sejuk,duduk,yayak ( kencing or poo poo smua yayak for him) ,jatuh, bom bom (tido)

-sgtla hyper active esp bila his cousin dtg umah,jatuh or terhantuk pun nangsi kejap for 5 secs pastu sambung main blk

-makan mcm2 dh skrang,nasi ayam and masak lomak,mee mmg his favorite tp choc n ice cream i still monitor xleh mkn selalu..and now dh pandai gigit makan burger..

-makan pakai tangan xmau pakai sudu,abis bersepah

-slalu berebut ipad dgn i,if kita tgh guna ipad time tulah,'nak ipad' sambil berebut amik ipad from my hands

-dulu one time suka sgt barney,24 hrs barney sampai ada one time ngigau kul 3 pagi suruh pasang barney joget2 pastu tido suka sgt toy story n xabis2 sebut woody and bila kita ckp 'buzz lightyear infinity and ....' dia akan sambung 'eyon( beyond)

-sayang sgt kt bibik dia,last raya haji bibik outing tido umah seara dia yg over emo..bila tanya bibik gi mana,dia akan jwb 'raya'..and usual bila bibik tau pasal tu bibik la yg paling emo rindu2 dua malam xjumpa hz.

-teramatla suka motor,kt jalan nampak motor je sebut 'apis' (sbb my bro bwk motor)..and now dh tau lori,car,motor,bus (dia pangil round round abb lagu wheel on the bus) bila naik kea bisingla suruh i sama2 tgk n sebut smmua vehicle yg aa atas jln.

-still with his pacifier esp time tidur..tak tau camne nk kasi putus pcifier ni...

-suka nyanyi n joget2 esp lagu oppa ganyam..and sumtimes bila we all tgk adam hawa,time theme song dia akan ckp 'cintaaaa'..

-clingy and my number one fan..if i ada kt umah je asyik nak menepek je ngan mummy..if mandi pun,sampai halau2 bibik kluar toilet nk i sorang j mandikan dia..

- gigi masih 4 atas 2 kt bwh,tah bila nk tambah gigi nak oi...

Books cuma suka books yg ada animal n vehicles saje..

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