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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New love

I just love INSTAGRAM..its a new facebook/twitter, seriously rasa cam addicted and best..Coz Xbanyak caption and its more simple than other social media..Baru je ada instagram after my sil introduce it to me,and rasa cam best pulak.hihi...

Anyway,for those ada instagram,feel free to follow me k...Cheers!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Needle & Stitches - Online shopping

Recently my sis in law n my fren baru launch a new website for online shopping..Even tho website still new n belum official launch,so far their first batch already sold out, and the best part now they all tengah restock and will launch their second batch by this week..All the tops and tudung are up to date n trendy..dan yg paling penting the price is very reasonable and they do free delivery...Wah! Just click apa yg you berkenan di hati and zass will be at your doorstep asap..As easy as that..

Their facebook page 'Needle & Stitches and instagram 'needlenstitches'..Just like their fb page n follow them k... Will update once they launch their website..

Happy shopping..
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