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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Medan trip - Day 2 & 3

Actually dah berbulan2 dlm save folder entry ni, tp lupa nk post. So i think better i post since one of my friend ask me about Medan and i pun dh lupa. This kira my reference jgk nk pi lagi nnt..

So sorry lambat sangat update about my medan trip. I think pasni trus letakkan semua in an entry, bila buat part2 ni selalu terlupa to update. For part 1 medan can refer to this link part 1-medan

Well basically our medan trip memang tak plan to do any shop or watsoever bcoz for me i tak enjoy shopping at Pajak ikan. The material and price a bit high compare to Jkt and Bandung. But everytime i pergi Medan, i cuma akan pergi Kedai Wajir di Jalan Wajir. It just a small shop tapi their telekung, shirts and kain semua berkualiti compare to other places. We went to other places our supir bawak tapi the quality and the price tak sama macam di Kedai Wajir.

Few blocks from Kedai Wajir ada kedai jual baju batik with reasonable price. Masa first time pergi dulu taktau, ni saje jalan2 sbb masa we all sampai ada 2 bus tourist here, so dalam kedai its tooo pack. So i bought batik shirt for my son and nephew dlm rp 60,000.

Ni dlm kedai. Few mth back i pergi dah borong telekung berbelas pasang, so this time dah insaf i only bought kain batik nak buat baju kurung. 4 mtr dlm rp 180,000.

On the way back,singgah kedai kuih lapis batik Zuleyka. Its only 200 meter from our hotel. Tak sempat nk snap picture, if tanya supir at Medan mostly memang tau mana kedai Zuleyka ni. Along the street da few kedai jual kek lapis but i prefer this shop. Kuih ambun pandankat sini also sedap, went overboard beli memacam buat ole-ole tp senang sbb nanti the staff will pack siap2 masuk kotak so dah tak payah packing.

Balik hotel, lepak2 and hz nap time so i decided to go again spa at hotel. Its tottaly worth it, Dulu i pegi martha tilaar mmg sgtla best and suprisingly spa at this hotel equally good. And it me less than rm50 for 2 hours massage. Argh! heaven.

After the massage we plan just lepak mall sebelah hotel and take picture at sky dining at our hotel. The sky dining ni mmg boleh nampak the whole Medan city and for couple mmg romatic la kan. Finig here pun reasonable and not soo expensive compare to the one at Menara KL. The dinne is ala-carte. We just lepak minum and take picture since this is my hubby's first trip to Medan.

After lepak minum at sky dining hotel, we took a taxi and went to Merdeka Walk. Ni sb orang hotel recomend to go there. Tempat ni basically cam ada few makan place and tempat lepak muda mudi. Its in the middle of Medan city.Agak happening jugak kt sini. This place usually pack on weekend night sebab macam hot spot for people in Medan to go libur. Also ada Mcd and few fast food restaurant around here. They have variety of food stalls and its clean. So you can  try local foods at Merdeka Walk, Medan. The price are reasonable and banyak entertainment here. Masa we all pergi ada shuffle competition there. Its like tourist and local spot,happening jugakla kt sini..

On last day,we didint hire a driver to send us to the airport. We took a taxi from our hotel to the centre point to take train straight to airport Pulau Namu. Masa we all pergi dulu, train ni baru operate sbb airport baru siap. Taxi ride from our hotel to the train station around 10 minutes and the taxi rate around IDR 30,000 .  The train ada every 15-20 minutes of waiting and the travel time from Medan City to airport around 25 minutes only. 

So far the train station are efficient and paling penting their public toilet are clean. You also use their service to wrap your luggage bag around IDR 30,000. Masa the train sampai, I am so surprise the train are soo clean, fast and efficient. Macam kita naik ERL to Klia. So its so convenient to ride on a train bcoz the timing are accurate rather than travel via road, jalan from airport to town asyik macet ( jam) and byk traffic light. The scenery along the way also best nampak sawah padi and also rumah kampung.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Medan trip - Day 1

Alhamdulillah.. This is my second trip to Medan..The previous trip with my girls friends and ever since then mmg  nk bawak sgt my family there.. I dont know about others but i love Medan..The foods, people,enviroment for semuanya best la..But for shopping i prefer Bandung or Jakarta coz the choices in Medan very limited except for batik.

So here we are, our first family trip of 2014. Actually the trip only two of us but last minute nobody can take care of Hz so just bring him along..Rezeki dia dapat ikut and thru out the trip mmg dia yang paing happy and excited to explore Medan. Semangat ni cepat2 nk update about Medan trip coz the last trip patut nk update but i totally forgot. So masa nk gi balik dh banyak tak ingat about last trip so now im save it so that in future i dah tau mana nk pegi and for my readers reference too...

We booked firefly return trip for RM 250 two weeks before the trip and Hz ticket for rm 400 book 3 days before flying. Flight from Kl to Medan only 1 hour 10 min,So mmg kejap baru pas minum juice and nk nap kejap tup tup dh sampai. Our flight delayed from 130 to 230 pm, tp delay pun tak apa coz same louge area ngan Hans Isaac.haha..

The last trip i went still airport lama in town,but this time new airport Pulau Namu jauh skit from the town around 1 hour 45 mins by car. But if by train only 37 mins, Nnt will update details about the train service from Medan town to airport in my next entry.

The airport macam klia la skit but off course klia much more better. For the locals ramai lepak kt airport and they even picnic near airport just to lepak makan sambil tengok airplane i guess.

Mr hubs arrange a supir aka driver for our trip, Around IDR 350k per day but not include fuel,tol and their meal allowance. Yes abit cheaper than my previous supir but bila tambah tolak i think sama jer price standard driver around IDR 600k per day.

We stayed at Grand Swiss Bell in Medan town.Our rezeki we got best price for superior deluxe,city view yg memang awesome especially at night with breakfast only around RM 230 per night. The same hotel masa i came last time. I love everything about this hotel. Its a 5 star hotel, bilik best, breakfast best, spa best and cheap ( just discover spa hotel ni best coz previously went to Martha Tilaar also best ). Grand Swiss Bell mmg in town and easy access to everywhere in Medan. The  have a rooftop fine dining restaurant with spectacular view of Medan,so memang sesuai if nak candle light dinner or romantika diatas.Just 5-8 mins walk to famous kedai kuih lapis Zulaikha and best nasi padang, Garuda,Next to Cambridge Shopping Complex. Mall yang macam BSC if at Msia coz mostly ada restaurant and high end people come here. Love to hang out at their Jco outdoor coz leh cuci mata tgk gaya orang kaya Indon and their cars.


So, first day sampai pun dh petang,just lepak hotel Hz swim and we just cant wait to have dinner at my most favourite place. Actually from KL i already mengidam to come back to Medan just to makan, So wajib ke Jimbaran Restaurant at Jalan Patimura , 10 mins from our hotel.

Jimbaran concept is something like Bali style and their specialty  is the grill seafood. The place mmg relaxing and they also have liveband from 9pm. So sampai makan sampai dgr liveband memangla lagi bertambah nasi di pinggan,

Hz love it soo much. Keep on saying the foods is very nice. We ordered ikan masak sambal hijau, tauhu tempe goreng,bebek bakar ( grill duck), sotong bakar and sayur. I lupa nama sayur ni but its really nice,testur macam kailan but rasa manis mcm kangkung, one of their signature dish here.Their tauhu and tempe eventho just stir fry tapi memang sedap coz their tempe is different from the one at kl. We all tak order black pepper crab bcoz Mr hubs not in mood to eat ketam but i tried it in my previous trip mmg sedap to the max, Even much more better than fatty crab. All this plus drinks and fruits for desert only rm 90. Murah kan!! And obviously worth it biarpun hancur diet.

So after dinner, just balik hotel and masa balik macet teruk, bcoz hindu celebrating Thaipusam and ada fireworks nonstop for 30 munites near our hotel. Serious rasa macam new year je coz we can enjoy it at pool area. Later, we went for 1 and half hour foot reflex which cost us only rm28. I lupa nk amik pic of the hotel spa but its  really nice and cosy, siap ada big flat screen macam dlm wayang with a super comfortable flexible chair. Nanti will update on Day 2 and 3 in Medan about what to aspect there, shopping, spa and makan place. Also will update about their new transit train straingt to Pulau Namu airport (which is really convenient).

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Medan trip with my uni girls

Went to medan last month for our gurls trip.. it was soo fun tho.At last release my stress and spend time wif my besties.. We all dulu berkwn since zaman diploma and masa tu smua first time jauh from family.. alhamdulillah dipertemukan dgn these 3 amazing gurls yg sama2 susah senang together and we managed to survive 3 yrs kt kawasan jin tendang,segamat.. it was a best memories i had with them..from sweet to worst and plg xleh lupa accident dlm uitm segamat..Topic plg hangat among budak segamat time tu camne we all accident.haha..

Nway,it was my first time to medan,and ni idea ms ain sbb dia dh slalu pergi and we got the best ever deal from firefly which is rm 180 return so terus book until masa nk fly tu smua tertanya why kita gi medan,we should go to bangkok or jakarta..haha..

Honestly dis was the best ever trip with my gurls.. Medan mmg awesome k.. if nk shopping compare to jakarta or bandung,medan xbyk choice sgt and a bit pricey (tak byk choice pun we all overload siap byk penalty kt airport), but medan mmg tempat to relax n chill..I dont know for other people but for us mmg totally yes! Foods mmg teramat sedap and the spa is marvelos..

Will update about the hotel we stayed,spa and tempat mkn best at medan later.. meanwhile enjoy the pics and eill update soon after i finish appoitment..

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