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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ironman 3

Ok i know its kinda outdated,baru sedar dah lama tak update blog..Been busy with soo many things.. Business pb,family  and also new project coming up.. Not sure if i have readers ke my blog ni,just want to update about my son coz its sumting special.. its his first ever movie at cinema..

Bertuah kau nak,mummy dulu first movie umur 14 yrs k,and i still remember tgk cita air force one kt cinema buruk subang parade(disamping tikus berkeliaran..eww )... Nway,since he is soo into ironman and at right time movie ironman release,so we decide to bring him for a movie.. told mr hubs amik seats hujung so dat if he cried senang nk kluar..We bought popcorn n mineral alas perut... and believe it or not,hz senyap and really concentrate with the movie till the end..siap suruh us senyap lg coz he want to concentrate watching.. alhamdulillah..

So,wats our next movie together?

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